The duties of Asafoatse in the Community.

The duties of Asafoatse in the Community.

The position of Asafoatse in Gbi-Bla in the Gbi state in the Hohoe Municipality in the Volta Region of Ghana is also known as "SƆHƐFIA"(Youths Chief).
Asafoatse is member of the traditional leadership of Gbi-Bla and he also is the leader of the Youth in the Gbi-Bla traditional division of the Gbi state.
The role of Asafoatse however is not limited in anyway by customs and traditions. The imperative needs for human and communal development demands that the Gbi-Bla Asafoatse of today must be a catalyst in the personal development of the youth of Gbi-Bla and beyond. 
Our ancestors were warriors and mercenaries that engaged in several wars. The war of our age is personal and communal development in the direction of education, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship.

 The generation before us were brave, committed and united. The Asafoatse must support the traditional leadership of Gbi-Bla in urging on the youth to live in unity, pursue career development plans and be conscious of their identity as natives of Gbi-Bla, and citizens of Ghana and the world beyond.
Source: Gbiviwo.com
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