History of Annie Mnerva Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869- May 10, 1957)

History of Annie Mnerva Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869- May 10, 1957)

ANNIE MINERVA TURNBO MALONE. .(August 9, 1869- May 10, 1957) was born in Metropolis, Illinois,USA. Daughter of enslaved Africans.
Orphaned at a young age, Annie attended a public school in Metropolis before moving to Peoria, Illinois,USA to live with her elder sister Ada Moody in 1896.
Attending high school, she took a particular interest in chemistry.

 However,due to frequent illness, Annie was forced to withdraw from classes,while out of school Annie grew so fascinated with hair and hair care that she often practiced hairdressing with her sister. Since she excelled in chemistry and hair care, Annie began to develop her own hair care product called Wonderful Hair Grower.
To promote her new product, Annie sold the Wonderful Hair Grower in bottles from door-to-door.due to the high demand for her product in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Annie opened her first shop and also launched a wide advertising campaign in the black press, held news conferences, toured many southern states,and recruited many women whom she trained to sell her products.
By 1920s, Annie had become a multi-millionaire.

 In 1924,she paid income tax of nearly $40,000, which was reportedly the highest in Missouri State during that period.Due to the growth in her business, Annie moved to a larger facility which contains a manufacturing plant,a beauty college called Poro College which employed nearly 200 people in St. Louis, Missouri,USA, a retail store where her Poro products were sold, business offices, a 500-seat auditorium, dining and meeting rooms, a roof garden, dormitory, gymnasium, bakery, and a chapel. 

The building served the African-American community as a center for religious and social functions.Through its school and franchise businesses, the college created jobs for almost 75,000 women in North and South America, Africa and the Philippines. While extremely wealthy, Annie lived modestly, giving thousands of dollars to the local black YMCA and the Howard University College of Medicine in Washington DC, USA, she also donated money to the St. Louis Colored Orphans Home where she served as the president on the board of directors from 1919 to 1943. 

With her help, in 1922 the Home bought a facility at 2612 Goode Avenue (which was renamed Annie Malone Drive in her honor). The Orphans Home is still located in the Ville St. Louis, Missouri,USA, Upgraded and expanded, the facility was renamed in the entrepreneur's honor as the Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center. Besides funding many programs, Annie ensured that her employees, all African American were paid well and given opportunities for advancement.Childless, she had bequeathed her business and remaining fortune to her nieces and nephews.
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