Brief History of the Akamu Royal Stool.

Brief History of the Akamu Royal Stool.

History had it that the Great Akamu the owner of Akamu Royal stool was born at Woe in the early 17’s His Father Ashiaglo, was a warrior, Fisherman and hunter in those days. Akamu followed the footsteps of his father by knowing how to shoot and fish very well.
It was said that Akamu became very powerful both spiritually and physically during his youthful days. Akamu migrated from Woe to Bekpo (Boko) with a team of settler’s to fish and hunt.
During this period, history had it that the people who lived on the island of Bekpo (Boko) were being disturbed by a constant flood.
Akamu decided to relocate to a relation of his called Salu of Nolorpui who was then settling at the place called Salu- Korpe. Akamu whose father was Ashiaglo was a son of Etsey while Atsu was the father of Salu and Dakpo all of present Afiadenyigba, from the clan of Tovia.( Tovia Clan )
Akamu asked Salu for a plot of land for settlement but Salu told him, he got his land from the people of Klikor and if he was interested he (Salu) could take him (Akamu) there.
Salu took him to Klikor people and Akamu asked the elders of Klikor one of whom was called Kodzokpui and his brothers Agobodzo, Akorli-Ebli, Gawu, Atsaba, Amedzi Ahornyo and Adzoka for a land in the present day Afiadenyigba.
They asked Akamu to bring a piece of or Blue baft , White Shirt , Red drill Famey print, 12 Cowries and a Ram, to satisfy the fetishes of Klikor to whom they were attached.
Akamu provided the above articles( items ) , and the whole land which belongs to him presently was granted to him by the people of Klikor to settle on .
The fetish Dzomanyifi who belonged to the people, and was on the land was transferred to Akamu and remained under his care.
For the fear that he will wage war against them, they did a covenant with Torgbui Dzomanyafie; to be true and sincere to each other.
On the that fateful day of the convenant , a girl was born and she was named after the convenant as “ Dzonyigbe”. Her descendants are presently located at Klikor.
The particular land granted to Akamu occupied by him and immediate family forms boundary with Salu on the East, with Ekpe’s land on the West, North by a pond called Avake and the South by the lagoon.
The Maternal Uncle of Akamu was Aglebe (Ashiaglo married to Biawu, the elder sister of Drabese and Aglebe.).
The father of Ashiaglo was Etsey Gbeze the twin brother of Atsu Etso. Also, Aglebe’s son Worgba was the first Cousin to Akamu. They all lived together as one family.
Akamu built ( fortified ) himself spiritually that he was having a War god called “Kpakuga” which assisted the Anlo’s to defeat Agoe Adzigo people.
History had it that, between 1860-1863 there was War at Agoe Adzigo and many of the Anlo warriors participated but did not include the people of Afiadenyigba. In that War, many of Anlo warriors perished or were defeated (Agoe-Adzigo War I)
The people of Anlo decided to wage a revenge , so in 1865, the people of Afiadenyigba were informed to help other warriors from Anlo to participate in the War.
Akamu the great warrior was consulted and all the warriors gathered by him to prepare them spiritually before his War god “Kpakuga”.
The people of Anlo went to the War and defeated the Agoe Adzigo people (Agoe Adzigo War II). They returned home with Joy and happiness.( victory )
Those who played major roles in that War were rewarded and Akamu was rewarded with the name “Ete fia of Anlo”. For his spiritual protection and provision of food .
Akamu later parctipated in other Wars :
1869-1871 – Agortime Gbedzidzawu War.
1871-1874 – Datsutagba War
1885-1886 – Talento War of Whuti (Whuti War).
Akamu the great was a great warrior of his time and this was appropriately acknowledged. He died at the age of 98 years.
After the demise of Akamu, the stool owner, there was the need to select the successor to occupy the stool. Nyonator his brother’s grandson was chosen to play the role of his elder grandfather, hence Nyonator became Torgbui Akamu II. He ruled successfully and defended the property of the Royal Family.
Akamu’s younger brother Kpome begat Amemowonu (Amewonu) who begat Nyonator (Torgbui Akamu II)
Torgbui Akamu III was a direct descendant of the Great Akamu, the stool owner. His real name was Awadzi.
Akamu begat Fiase who begat Agbemenu and Agbemenu begat Awadzi (Torgbui Akamu III).
Kporvuvu Kukuia was the Regent after the death of Torgbui Akamu III  
When the late Torgbui Akamu III passed on, the Akamu Royal Stool became vacant again. The kingmakers deemed it fit and proper to select a new person to replace Torgbui Akamu III. Interestingly, in 1963, after lengthy discussions among the traditional and tribal chiefs, the leaders of the Seven Akamu gate and religious personalities, a consensus was reached for Seth Kluboe to be selected as Torgbui Akamu IV.
Akamu’s brother Kpome begat Doe Keleme who begat Emese begat Kluboe who begat Seth (Torgbui Akamu IV)
After the demise of Torgbui Akamu IV, the following people played their role as Regents ( Fiadomegatelawo):
Kofi Adzor Keketsyor, Kwabla Agbaglo Nyamadu, Ameadeziso Semador and John Fiakegbe.
Today we are here to crown the success story of Akamu Royal Stool by outdooring our new chief ,Torgbui Akamu V after the demise of Torgbui Akamu IV eighteen years ago.
Akamu begat Fiase, begat Agbemenu who begat Awadzi (Torgbui Akamu III). Awadzi begat Azi who begat Agba and Agba begat Ganyo (Torgbui Akamu V).
Additionally, Akamu’s brother Kpome begat Doe Keleme who begat Hoedzinya who also begat Wogormeadze who begat Soloshime begat Agba and Agba begat Ganyo,
( His Royal Majesty Torgbui Akamu V ).
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