Ho:EPCG General Assembly Executive Council (GAEC) begins its first quarter meeting.

Ho:EPCG General Assembly Executive Council (GAEC) begins its first quarter meeting.

The General Assembly Executive Council (GAEC) of the EPCG has begun its first quarter meeting at the EPCG, Dela Cathedral - Ho Kpodzi from yesterday 9th February to 11th February 2022. 
The meeting will focus on financial matters, reports from the various institutions and directorates as well as other pertinent issues of Church interest. 
The GAEC is the governance organ clothed to ensure the full implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly as well as Co-ordinate and review the work of the Presbyteries, the various Departments, Groups, Committees, Boards, and Institutions of the Church in the light of the policies and decisions of the General Assembly.
In attendance are the members of Standing Committee, The two (2) Trustees of the Church, Presbytery Synod Moderators, Directors of various Departments, Desk Officers, two Presbyters (male and female) from each Presbytery, a representative of the Pastors’ Association, Two representatives (one Male one Female) of the Catechists and Evangelists Union, the National Music Program Officer, a representative of the National Presbyters Union and the Chairpersons of the approved Groups, Committees, Boards and Institutions of the Church.
The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Bliss Divine Agbeko (Rtd) will preside.
Members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana are kindly urged to pray for the success of the first quarter General Assembly Executive Council Meeting.


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