Let’s rebuild Taviefe – Togbe Ahorlu charges residents

Let’s rebuild Taviefe – Togbe Ahorlu charges residents

The New Dutorfia of Taviefe Aviefe in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region, Togbe Agba Ahorlu III, has called on the chiefs and people of Taviefe to unite and rebuild Taviefe to regain its name as it was known to be.

Togbe Agba Ahorlu III made the call when he was addressing the chiefs and people of Taviefe on his coronation and outdooring rite durbar at Taviefe.
The ceremony was aimed at bringing back Taviefe to reclaim its good name.

“My aim is that, the walls of Taviefe have fallen and we must rise and rebuild it for the glory of Taviefe to be like how it was at first.” He said.

Togbe lamented on the rate at which rules and regulations of the land are being violated by the inhabitants.

He said, this development has caused the name, Taviefe, to be drowned into the mud through misunderstanding among the people of Taviefe.

Togbe further noted, that the major factor is the manner residents choose to live their lives with unacceptable behaviours and attitudes which has denigrated Taviefe to losing its state of high recognition and admirations by others.

He therefore charged residents to rise, safeguard and protect the dignity of the town.

He also reminded elders and Kingmakers in the area to remember never to forget the good laid down customs and procedures the Ewe use in instoolment of a Chief.

According to him, they are customs that outlined the right procedures and must be significantly considered and followed accordingly for a qualified son of the land to lead his people to prosperity in truth, unity and love.

Togbe however called on the community chiefs and opinion leaders to be very circumspect in discharging their traditional powers.  

He said, all should go according to the customs and the traditions of the Eweland especially when it comes to the leadership and Kingship.

He further called on the youth to rethink about their town and be ready to support in building a united Taviefe.

He also pledged his readiness to support the development of Taviefe by building a good rapport between his position as Chief and the youth of the community.

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