Why are you still Single?

Why are you still Single?

I know a friend who is 27, and still single. From conversations we've had, she appeared to have had little experience with the opposite sex. Blame her parents who shielded her and ensured thst she never got to be with boys because she was too young. 

Not my style. Not something I'll do to my daughter. I'll have millions of books at home besides the many conversations we would have had about boys, dating and sex, and by the time she is 16 years old and maybe ready for dating, she would have read as many books as possible and hopefully have a clarity of thought and philosophical perspective that will make her impervious to the advances of any young ruffians who will only be bothering her for sex, not a proper relationship with limitations and boundaries. If she herself chooses to have sex, she will be doing it not without knowing the consequences. 

So, I'm still talking to my 27 year old friend, telling her to open up and get to know some guys. But she is scared shitless. She hasn't had much experience with boys growing up and she is afraid of getting her heart broken. 

I told her that's exactly what she needs. A broken heart or any form of disappointment whatsoever is good for the soul and one's evolution.  

A broken heart makes you a better lover for the next person, if you take it in your stride and get philosophical about it. I'm grateful I have sampled the highs of romantic love and the utter desolation of disappointment. There is no way you can appreciate warmth if you've never known cold. 

And sometimes, you just have to go through someone wrong to get to someone right. 

By Stan Dugah
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