Biziŋ ;Son of Naa Nyagse is the father of all lunsi

Biziŋ ;Son of Naa Nyagse is the father of all lunsi

One of the glorious gifts of Dagbon is its drummers, known as Lunsi. 
All lunsi in all the Naa Gbewaa States of Mamprugu, Dagbon and Nanung trace their lienage to Biziŋ, son of Naa Nyagse and grandson of Naa Shitɔbu ( founder of Dagboŋ )

And today, The preservation of Dagbon history and heritage can largely be attributed to the lunsi.

Historically, when Naa Shitɔbu settled at Yɔɣu( Yogu), his son, Naa Nyagse, when he was a man, left his hoe in his farm to execute a vision he had while farming.
He went to tell his father, the lion King of Dagbon and narrated to him, how he envisaged a mighty kingdom under his control. He wanted to wage war against the Tindaamba and to bring all the lands under the umbrella of the Yaa-Naa. 

But Naa Shitɔbu did not pay heed to him. He left disappointed ! Later, Naa Shitɔbu called him and told him to go before Yani Kpamba ( elders) to come and ask for permission on his behalf. And when Nyagse did that, Naa Shitɔbu then blessed his mission.

When Naa Nyagse was set to initiate his battles, his father's chief warrior, Zanduli-Naa told him " N kutooi doli a chaŋ tɔbu ka che a ba. Dinzuɣu n taliŋ bɔŋɔ"
To with, I can not follow you to war and abandon your father, So, this is my messenger " - referring to his son named "Dari"(Wunyuɣuri). He is fit to take my place and lead your warriors in to battle. 

This is why others are of the opinion that, Naa Shitɔbu relinquished his kingship to Naa Nyagse when he was alive. But far from that, it was only a blessing to stage his expansion of the kingdom.

When Naa Nyagse killed the tindana of Tolon, he gave it to Zanduli Naa's Son, Wunyuɣuri. So the name Taliŋ became Tolon and Wunyuɣuri yili as its praise name.

Nyagse was still on his mission when his father, Naa Shitɔbu passed on. He then took over the Gbewaa skin as king of the untamed lions.

When Naa Nyagse reached Diyali, he met an empty community. All the inhabitants had abandoned their homes and fled. But a group of strange men came out of a hole, they had dug to hide from the wrath of the lion king. 

 In order to avert being executed, they fell on their knees and in their hands, they had shells, which they hit together to produce a rhythm in praise of Naa Nyagse. Their words were so soothing that, Naa Nyaɣisi became intoxicated with excitement.  

He asked them who they were and why they hid in holes.
" we are lunsi! My name is lungtisua and these are my children, he said"
" we hid in this hole, waiting to sing your praises to avert being executed "

Naa Nyagse then told them, from today onwards, I have exonerated you from any blame and no chief in Dagbon is allowed to harm you after me. 

Naa Nyagse, seeing how exciting their occupation was, he placed two of his son, Biziŋ and his brother, ʒima under the care of Luŋtisua.

Lungtisua was expected to raise Biziŋ and his younger brother, Ʒima to be able to master their occupation.


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