Alavanyo: Bui Power Authority hand over mechanized bore to community.

Alavanyo: Bui Power Authority hand over mechanized bore to community.

The Bui Power Authority has commissioned and handed over a mechanized borehole to the Alavanyo Community.

The commissioning and hand over ceremony which was held yesterday, Monday 11th April,2022 under the auspicies of the Chief Executive Officer of Bui Power Authority, Hon. Mr Samuel Kofi Ahiave Dzamesi and his team of workers sought to provide good drinking water to the community.
 The cost of the mechanized borehole is approximately Gh42,440 which comes with a 5000 litter water storage capacity. 
This project was undertaken by Bui Power Authority after it was realized in 2019 according to a research conducted that the source of drinking water for the community was not the safest. 
This water project will not solve all the problems of the community but it will go a long way to improve the water situation in the area. 
The team also toured and inspected the micro hydro station. Bui Power Authority will expand the existing 45kw generation capacity of the station to about 120kw in order to help generate electricity for the community. This hydro station which is the first of its kind in the country will also serve as a tourist attraction site plus a study tour for students.
Bui Power Authority also promised to build a center of excellence for the community. Hon. Dzamesi is grateful for the peaceful relationship between the community and the institution which he hopes will translate into more developmental projects. 

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