Breaking News: Man beaten to death because of SIM card.

Breaking News: Man beaten to death because of SIM card.

Information reaching the News desk of konkonsah GH indicates that, A young man believed to be in his early 30's has met his untimely death after being beaten by Togo Military Service men.
The young man known as Felix, a native of Kopeyia in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region was beaten to death by two Togo Military Men after alleging that he stole their SIM card from their phone.
Earlier on, the military guys gave out their phone to Felix to charge and after bringing it back, they alleged that he stole the SIM card from the phone.

According to an eyewitnesses, they explained that the military guys started bullying the guy from midnight till this morning Felix passed on.

The young man in this video is called Felix and from Kopeyia In the Ketu South Municipality. It was alleged that , the Togo soldiers gave him a phone to charge for them. When he returned the phone from charge for the Togo soldiers ,it was alleged that the sim in the phone was not found. 

The Togo soldiers allegedly strip him naked and start Beating him since midnight till this morning when Felix passed on(died) in the hands of the Togo soldiers on the boarder. Felix who denied any knowledge of the missing sim or memory card did not find any mercy in the eyes of the Togo soldiers.

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