Lady hospitalized after her husband throw her down from a one-storey building in Lagos

Lady hospitalized after her husband throw her down from a one-storey building in Lagos

A horticulturist, Emmanuel Okolie, has been arrested by the police for a$saulting his wife and thr#wing her down from a one-storey building in Lagos.

It was gathered that the unpleasant incident happened on Wednesday, April 13 at their residence in Alimi Oke street, Oshodi, Lagos. An eyewitness reports that the suspect returned from work and was displeased that the victim, Mofe, kept him locked outside for a while. 
“They’ve been married for thirteen years and have three kids together. Emmanuel and his compound-given alias, local Floyd Mayweather, regularly be@ts his wife anytime they have an argument. In fact, we the neighbors are tired and imagine what the kids witness on a daily basis from their one-room apartment.

So, on Wednesday, Mofe’s ‘offence’ was that she kept him waiting outside for long before opening the door to let him in. An argument ensued and he started p#uncing on her in his usual manner. He went further to p#sh her down from their apartment and she landed on the ground. The victim stood up and proceeded to destr#y his windscreen.
He invited the police at about 2am and when they saw the condition Mofe was in, they advised him to let the matter slide else he’d be arrested for domestic v#olence. Emmanuel decided to call the landlord demanding quit notice in order to escape.

The victim was invited to the police station where she coll@psed and was rushed to the hospital. The medical personnel at the hospital said a full body x-ray will be carried out on her to determine if she’s s#ffering from internal bl##ding as a result of the fall.
I can recall the moment when Emmanuel who is also a church worker be@t his wife black and blue at her father’s burial ceremony last year. Despite the fact that he is currently having a life rethink at Akinpelu police station in Lagos, we still want justice for Mofe,” the source said.
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