List of Traditional Areas in the Ahafo Region.

List of Traditional Areas in the Ahafo Region.

The Traditional Areas in Ghana
Traditional Areas in Ghana represent the traditional administrative boundaries for Traditional Leaders and the land within the boundaries of the Traditional Area all fall under the jurisdiction of the Traditional Leaders.
Even though all Traditional Leaders represent the authority of community leadership and oversight in matters relating to land and community governance, there are instances where the oversight for land and community is split between different leaders. While some Traditional Leaders are identified as Paramount Chiefs, others are Overlords, Family Heads or Clan Heads. There are many Traditional Leaders superintending over many traditional areas in Ghana. 

Information on the number of traditional areas, the name of the leader of the traditional area and the type of land system they practice is not easily available in Ghana. Yet, such information is relevant for all prospective investors, local people and even government, for purposes of land acquisition and policy engagement. 
Below are the list: 
1. Acherensua Traditional Council
2. Akrodie Traditional Council
3. Bechem Traditional Council
4. Duayaw-Nkwanta Traditional Council
5. Goaso Traditional Council
6. Hwidiem Traditional Council
7. Kenyasi No.1 Traditional Council
8. Kenyasi No.2 Traditional Council
9. Kukuom Traditional Council
10. Mim Traditional Council
11. Ntotroso Traditional Council
12. Sankore Traditional Council
13. Yamfo Traditional Council
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