Survival for the fitters NPP Constituency Executive Elections- Stanley Agbadey writes.

Survival for the fitters NPP Constituency Executive Elections- Stanley Agbadey writes.

NPP System tactics are unfolding across the Country as the party elects its executives at the Constituency levels.

Largely, the disqualification of some aspirants may be the grand design to pave way for the system candidate to win the presidential primaries. 

The mainstream candidate approach is to weaken the the opposition aspirants. 

This approach has been long cooked out to strengthen the executives who will vote in the primaries. 

Here money has been long been streaming to the executives who are pawned to be the king makers. 

Areas where the intelligence picked on the “rebels”, decentralized manuring schemes are put in place. Here flimsy excuses will be used to kick out the seemingly rebels. 

In the grand scheme, you will not see a free fair election in the constituencies. You see this playing out in Accra at the Okaikwei Constituency where even the scheduled date for the elections have been changed with a strange album of the qualified voters. 

Another scheme in this direction across the country, is the hiding of the Album. Even the places where the Albums have been out according to the so-called schedules, the publication of the Albums to the election dates are short. 

Pray you know why it is so? It is to neutralize those who will like to challenge the system. 

The places where you see strong challenges, are places where the opposition presidential hopefuls have the upper hand. That is to say you have vigilant opposition groups holding the bargain. 

NPP know how to win election when the opinion polls are not in their favour. They are now well cooked into the system. I tell you, the system candidate is on the verge of leveraging every possible means to sweep the polls in their favour. 

You will see violence where the rebels are penetrating through. 

We have an elections in our hands. A kind of jungle war. The strongest take the bid where arrogance of power prevails.
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