The mountainous scenery community called Wora Wora

The mountainous scenery community called Wora Wora

Worawora is a town in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region ,surrounded by a beautiful scenery of mountains.The town is bordered by Kudje at the south,Asato Akan at the East,Apesokubi and the Volta Lake to the north and Tapa Amanya at the west.Though they settled in the Volta Region,the Woraworas speak Twi,as a result of their ancestral origin from Kuntanase,near Lake Bosomtwe in Ashanti Region.
The town is also known for its second cycle institution (Wora Wora Senior High School).


The history of Wora Wora as told by the elder statesmen states that,in 1731,Nana Opoku Ware I became the King of Asante.This was during the period of Asante greatness in War campaigns.It was also around this same period that a lot of migrations of Asantes occurred .Some of the people of Kuntanase state took part in these migration to settle elsewhere.
The reasons for the migrations were varied.Family heads and chiefs led th migrations.One significant fact is that there were no land boundaries in those days as we have now.Boundaries were determined by occupation through conquest.

The chief Nana TiprekeseBaa led his people who were mostly from the Oyoko clan through bush paths to settle first at Domaakwaa in Denkyira but later left and trekked southward to settle at Agyanoa near Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Eastern Region.
Meanwhile part of them had branched off and settled in at Atibie- Kwahu led by their leader Akora Oko.Nana TwerefourTim also led a group that settled at Kwahu Dukoman and Opanyin Onyina settled at Oyinakrom which has now become Nyakrom.Another group headed farther south and settled at Breman Kuntanase.

After settling there for almost twelve years,war broke out between the Akyems and the Akwamus.Sincere the people did not want to take sides,they travelled eastwards,trekking along the Volta river to Nkrofena at Nkonya where they settled.

Their stay at Nkonya was short lived! After settling there for almost ten years,they fought with the Nkonyas.The cause of the war was that the Nkonyas had a fetish which required the sacrifice of an albino(ofiri) before it could be worshiped.

As they did not want to sacrifice any of their albinos,they captured one albino from the Worawora people and sacrificedd him to their fetish.This the Oyokos did not take lightky,and took a fight with them,resulting in the death of their warlord,Tiprekese Baah.His nephew ,Opoku Frefre took over and lead them to the top of a mountain with a flat top,near the present settlement. They named it Mmosombepo because they planted seven gods that they had carried with them,there!


Traveling for nearly forty years,they decided to stay on top of the mountain and replenish their depleted numbers.Soon they realized their lives were again in danger,as the Chokosi tribe ,who were also staying on the Obuguan Hil. north of their settlement ,were also very powerful,they could attack and drive them away.

Afariwaa, a very beautiful Worawora woman got married to the of Chokorsi war leaders.She lured her husband,who then revaeled the secrets of their prowess.She went to inform the Worawora people and taught them the tricks they "Chokorsis" used to conquer their enemies.

On the night of the Chokorsi festival,all the guards were sleeping as a result of drunkenness.Afariwa crept stealthily and rolled all yhe big boulders they have been using to kill their enemies into the valley. The Worawora troops,who had then fortified themselves and were and were hiding under the hill,pounced on the sleeping Chokorsis, fought and defeated them.
The Woraworas then drove the Chorkorsi away to the northern parts of Togo.The gallant people of Worawora did not settle on the Obuguan Hill , but took the lands and decided to farm and hunt there.

After staying on top of the Ofeibeposo for over a hundred years,cntrolling all the lands around them,they called the place "EWAREWARE" meaning a long long journey.This name has been corrupte to WORAWORA !


In 1891,the first Basel missionary ,Rev.Nicholas T.Clerk from the Basel Mission at Osu, a Jamaican climdbed the Mmosombepo-Fetish Mountain.He did not have it easy converting the people from their known way of worship to Christian worship.It happened that one of the eldrs' wives got sick ,and all the seven gods they worshipped could not cure her. As her condition worsened,Rev Clerk asked permission to pray for her,which was granted.After praying continously for three days,the woman recovered.
The miracle drew unto Rev.Clerk ,a large following.He moved down with his first converts,where they built a new settlement called Mission in 1894,which still exist today as the Presbyterian Mission.This is where the Presbyterian schools were built.

Challenges faced in Wora Wora.
Though the area is bonded with natural and serene mountainous terrain, there are number of challenges faced by various people posted to this community and its environments when we talk about telecommunication network and other social amenities.

The people of Wora Wora and its environment have road and telecommunication challenges per my own personal experience as a traveler.

Traveling by road from Hohoe to Wora Wora is a bit of hell to me as parts of their roads are in deplorable states and need major attention. Most of the road commuters have to cover their nose to private dust particles from entering into their nostrils and to talk about poor telecommunication reception is a major problem faced by many professionals posted to communities around here.
Most at sometimes,the people can’t have access to network to make or receive calls.

Talking from my personal experience as a traveler in the area,a network service can go out of reception for entire day which residents can’t receive calls,text or access social media platforms.
Residents living along the Eastern corridor road leading to the northern part of the country have a lot of challenges when we talked about social amenities and sharing of the natural cake and one could observe clearly that most of the classroom structures aren’t in good shape that’s most of the structures are either there without proper doors,windows and to mention a few.
Poor road network is another fundamental problem to comment. The road networks in almost all communities along Hohoe to Dambai,Buem constitutency,SALL,Chinderi and all the way to the northern part.
Source: Sedem Sorkpor 
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