Volta: Agalazã (Crab festival) officially launched.

Volta: Agalazã (Crab festival) officially launched.

Residents of Agbledomi in the Anloga District of the Volta Region has launched their Agalazã (crab festival).

The Agalazã which means Crab festival is going to be celebrated every year on the last Saturday in the Month of October. The festival is aimed at promoting their beautiful culture of the people and also brings about development to the community.
 Addressing the gathering at the launch of the festival,Mr. Timothy Dotsey, the leader of the Agbledomi Youth Association encouraged the community indigenes to uphold the image of the community and inculcate the habit of communalism.

Hon. Edward Eddah,the Director of National Health Insurance Keta/Anloga District) and the Special Guest for the ceremony added his voice to the theme for the launch "promoting indigenous tourism for community development was in place" because the community is endowed with tourism sites that can serve as an avenue for generating revenue for supporting the community, they should support it and develop through it.

Also in attendance were, Mr. Freedom Vitashie (Information Officer Keta/Anloga District) and
Mrs. Mavis Eddah (Health Director, Sogakorfe).
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