Volunteer timely information to get rid of criminals - ASP Nakoja.

Volunteer timely information to get rid of criminals - ASP Nakoja.

The Denu Police Commander, ASP Joseph Nakoja said the public needs to support the police in other to get rid of criminals in our communities by giving them credible information. According to him, the tremendous effort of residents of Kpogedi Community a suburb of Aflao has led to the arrest of suspect (now convicted) Atitso Korshie and his accomplices.

He again calls on parents to continuously monitor the development of their children, especially the unemployed youth.
 He narrated how one of the convicts Atitso Korshie a committed instrumentalist and a member of one of the biggest churches in Aflao on that faithful 24th, closed from church, and whilst returning home met Wisdom Dzeke and his group and they convinced him to join them in some lucrative deal. The deal which turned out to be arming him to join them in the robbery.

"We again call on the public to volunteer timely information that will lead to the arrest of these criminals as was done by Wisdom Dzeke who almost took a year for his arrest. " he said.

Atitso Korshie and Wisdom Dzeke were sentenced to 20years imprisonment each by Aflao Circuit Court yesterday.
The facts presented by prosecuting officer, Chief Inspector Bob Wuda , says on 24/09/2020 at about 2.00 am, the convicts and two others (at large), armed themselves with a machete and 5-rounds Taurus Ultra Lite 38 special revolver pistol and attacked a house at Kpogedi Zongo occupied by Nigerian merchants ostensibly to rob them of three brand new motorbikes. 

The robbers took four of the occupant's hostage amidst firing the pistol at the roofing. They robbed the victims of their phones and cash of Ghc 250.00. He said the gunshots and screaming of the victims attracted neighbours to thronged the walled house to their rescue. On seeing the neighbours, convict Wisdom Dzeke and two others believed to be Togolese fled, leaving behind Atitso Korshie who was trapped in the house with the pistol.

 In the course of arresting Atitso, he aimed and shot at Ahmed Zibo age 23 who sustained a fracture on his left thigh. Others pounced on Atitso and retrieved the pistol together with 9 live ammunition and called Police to the scene. 

The Victim Zibo was later rushed to St. Anthony Hospital at Dzodze where he spent months on admission. Convict Atitso Korshie mentioned Wisdom Dzeke and the other two as his accomplices. The three robbers went into hiding, but luck eluded Wisdom Dzeke when he was later arrested at Aflao on 17/7/2021 upon a tip-off. Convicts went through trial and were found guilty leading to the sentence.

Story by: Sylvia Awuye, Holy Fm, Aflao

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