Dutor Torgbuiga Wenya I and the founding of Anlo Kingdom Pt.8

Dutor Torgbuiga Wenya I and the founding of Anlo Kingdom Pt.8

After a long hiatus in succession to Dutor Torgbiga Wenya I, the Loafe clan of Anlo installed Francis Korshie Ahabu Sebuabe as Dutor Wenya II in July 1957 who was born in 1899. He ruled from July 1957- December 1980 when he joined his ancestors. His official palace was the Wenya Palace at Anloga. He was also resident in Tegbi, a settlement founded by Torgbiga Wenya I before founding Anloga. 

During his reign, he presided over all the paramountcies which constitute the Anlo Kingdom as Dutor, whilst Adeladza II who was installed in June, 1958 presided over the said paramountcies as Awoamefia. During his reign as Dutor of Anlo, he was seen carried in pallaquin gracing the perennial Hogbetsotso festival when the celebration was established under his distinguished auspices. 

The records also confirmed his performance of public duties by contributing to government's decisions concerning the Anlo Kingdom then and now refered to as the Anlo State since Ghana became a Republic and there is no Kingdom in a Republic. He also appeared before some Government Commissions in regards to Anlo Affairs.
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