Ega People of Ivory Coast , West Africa .

Ega People of Ivory Coast , West Africa .

Ega People also known as Egwa or Dies can be found in Ivory Coast and they are part of the Niger- Congo speaking branch .
 The Ega Language it is said to be spoken in 21 Villages near Gly in Dies Canton , Goh-Djiboua district in Ivory Coast some of Ega Villages in Ivory Coast are Broudougou, Gly, Daro, Didzo and Douzaroko , they are considered to be part of the Kru ethnic group .
 It is believed Ega People of Ivory Coast have migrated from Present day Sudan and settled in Ivory Coast but some settled in some parts iof Liberia , Sierra Leone and Research proves that in Ivory Coast there are more than 60 ethnic groups . 
Ega People grow crops such as yams, cassava , plantains , corn , cocoa beans which became the main export crop cultivated , their other crops includes millet, naize , peas, peanuts and they have traditional beer and bread . 
Ega celebrate masks and Yam Festival , the yam festival of the Ega People is a season of thanksgiving for good harvests , they are into agriculture , their major Industries Include Coffee , cocoa beans , bananas , palm kernels, corn , rice , manioc (tapioca) , sweet potatoes , sugar and cotton . 
In Ega rural areas , women and men divide the labor , with men clearing the land and harvesting cash crops such as cocoa and coffee , while women grow vegetables and Other staples and perform most household tasks and they Inherit from their Paternal lineage and Traditional poetry , folktales and story tellers are known as Griots.
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