History of Argobba People of Ethiopia.

History of Argobba People of Ethiopia.

Argobba People can be found in Ethiopia and they are related to Amhara, Harari,Oromo, Somali,Tigray, Tigre. Argobba People are located in the northeastern and eastern part of the Country, Afar, Harari, Amhara, Oromia, along the great rift valley.
 They Include Yimlawo,Gusa and many more others claimed Argobba derived from what is Arab geba meaning the Arabs have entered or arrived. According to Aklil Asfaw historical account, Argobba Includes the Northern and Southern Argobba share religious, cultural and historical origin it is believed the Northern Argobba is believed by Amharic , Oromigna and Afarigna . 
Yifat It is a plateau to the South of river Borkena , to the South of river kessem bordered by Menz on the west .The Argobba can also be found in Northern Shoa and Southern Wollo however, there is a clan called Doba Shagura among the doba established the walsma. 

It is said Argobba had came from Arabia, others claimed they had Intermingled both through marriage and shared culture with Amhara,Oromo and Afar. It is believed Argobba are mostly made up of Muslim community,they claimed they are descendants of Prophet Muhammad they and Harari traced their dynasty back to the walasama . 
Others claimed Argobba derived from the har geba which means the silk that is seen on a mountain it give them a clue that the first Arabs who came into the  area settled on a hill and pitched a silk tent and so they were given this appellation which is har gebba. 
The modern day Argobba around Harar which they are Adiya,  some claimed they either migrated from Persia or Baghdad , Iraq after the 6th Century A.D. there was a military expansion southwards from Aksum. In the 10th Century A.D. Villages cropped up on the route from Zeila to Interior of Ethiopia began to be settled by traders. The Argobba is spoken by about 40,000 people in an northeast of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.It is a member of the Southern ethiopian branch of semitic languages and has 4 main dialects Harar Aliyu, Amba, Shewa Rabit and Shonke .
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