History of Datoga People of Tanzania.

History of Datoga People of Tanzania.

Datoga People can be found in Tanzania they are part of the nomadic nilotic speaking people, the Datoga are grouped into 7 subsgroups they are Bajuta, Gisamjanga, Asimjeeg, Rootigaanga, Bianjianda, Bajuda and Barabayiiga.
They are related to the Massai people, Fulani people and other ethnic groups part of the nomadic nilotic speaking people they migrated from Present day South Sudan they crossed Western Abyssinia Present day Ethiopia , present day Kenya then settled in present day Tanzania around 1500 AD the tribal marks or facial scars traced back to many centuries ago they used tatoos as their tribal marks around their circular patterns of the eyes.
They claimed to be the oldest ethnic group in Tanzania followed by Massai and Hadzabe, their cultures are similar to the Massai and also their traditions as well they used to be part of the Aksumite Empire before migrated to their present day homeland the fresh milk is used for ceremonies and also for drinking they also drink .
Honey beer is a traditional beer made with honey and they have many instruments such as drums and also Violin the violin is used to perform traditional datoga music and for entertainment or culture display. Young men who are datogas have to prove they are warriors by fighting and defeat their enemies each datoga have symbols for each clans the symbols are wild animals such as Lion, Elephant and Buffalo.
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