History of Ham People of Nigeria and  some parts of Cameroon .

History of Ham People of Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon .

Ham People can be found in Southern part of Kaduna State in the Northwestern region of Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon they are also known as Jaba People  , they are related to ethnic groups such as Gwong , Anghan , Adara , Koro, Atyap , Jukun , Berom and Tiv . 
It is believed Ham created the Nok Culture after archaeological discoveries in Ham Village of Nok, they celebrate festivals such as Yam Festival , Tuk-ham festival etc . The Tuk-ham festival is celebrated each year at Kwain in local town of government area of Jaba it is celebrated during Easter seasons . The rulers are known as Kpopham by the Ham People and they speak the hyam language and they are known as Jaba in Nigeria by the Hausa People . 
According to Fatherland and Gazette account, It is believed geographically the 4th Largest State in Nigeria with 23 local governments and Kaduna is home to over 100 ethnic groups uniquely have their cultures and native dialect , though modernization seen to be a threat to these Indigenous way of life . 
The Ham People are natives of Nok , Kwai , 2 shiek (Kumin Musa) Dung ( Juban Kogo) , Chari , Fai , and Other Ham settlements in the Southern part of Kaduna state and their land spans across 4 local government areas which include Jaba , Jem’a , Kachia and Kagoro.
 The Hamland straddles across the 4 local areas such as Jaba , Jema’a , Kachia and Kagoro , It is believed historically , Ham are believed to have migrated from what is now Present day Sudan and Egypt of thousand years to Present day Nigeria and some parts of Present day Cameroon . 
According to Joshua Project’s account , their main language is Hyam language , the gurara river and several streams thread through the Nigerian Valley where these ham people live . There are more than 100 Villages and 27 districts . 
The Ham People grow Crops such as rice , guinea corn , millet and cocoyam furthermore , food is  very Important to ham life and other Nigerian ethnic groups such as beef , goat, seafood are a primary sources of protein .
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