History of Mitsogo People of Gabon.

History of Mitsogo People of Gabon.

Mitsogo People can be found in Gabon and they are part of the Bantu people they are also related to the Bogom People, Babongo People of Gabon .
According to Anthropologist , in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century they resisted from the French, it is said they first encountered them in 1858 in their Culture the Mitsogo are known for iron and cloth manufacturing, the clans of the mistogo ethnic groups such as Matende, Dibuwa. 
It is said this two clans clashed with the Keke ethnic group its invaders as a result the clans settled and inhabited the waka along the Ikoy river with Punu and Apindji clan. 
It is claimed they migrated southward crossed Present day Southern part of Cameroon and settled in Present day Gabon until the 1800s, they originally migrated fron an area in Present day North east Gabon around the Ivindo river valley during the 13th-14th Century their wooden sculptures and masks plays a big role in their culture.

They crops such as bananas, yams, cassava, corn, groundnuts which is peanuts and manioc some also go for hunting and fishing.
In their traditions , men do most of the hunting, gatherings while women perform agricultural tasks, wooden sculptures are covered with sheets of copper and brass, livestock also a significant role they keep goats, sheeps and chickens.
Bwiti intiation is a intiation Ceremony performed by both Babongo, Fang and Mitsogo using the hallucinogenic rootbark of Tabernathe the Iboga is a plant used for spiritual enlightenment and used to solve problems of any kind of nature it is claimed by 1939 the Fang had strong influence on them it is believed the Kombai people usually lived in tree houses which is 30 feet to 100 feet above the ground of a mud designed and adopted from them along with the edged weapons also known as throwing knieves is used by ethnic groups such as Fang, Mitsogo, Kota, Ngbaka and other ethnic groups, the throwing knieves is also referred as bird headed ceremonial knieves which is made up of iron, brass, copper and the knieves was used in wars which led to migrations.
Others claimed the Mitsogo, Kota and Fang used to be part of an Empire in Southeastern of Present day Nigeria in 2000 B.C.E the masks are worn during harvest festivals among them also to welcome important guest, funerals to pay their respect and for traditional dances but for funeral dance is performed with the masks, the Mbeng ntam is one of the powerful music it is performed as well with instruments and cultural dances.
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