History of Queen Kaipkire.

History of Queen Kaipkire.

Queen Kaipkire a Female Warrior who revolted or fought against the British and Germans Colonists in Present day Namibia, Southern Africa .

Queen Kaipkire was an Unknown Female Warrior from the Herero ethnic group of Present day Namibia and she was a Namibian by nationality , she led an army of Herero and they both fought against the British Colonists or slave masters during Colonialism and Wars .

 It is said Queen Kaipkire also led the Rani of Jhasi the first war of Independence she fought in 1857, She is one of the Unknown African female warriors who was a Herero from Namibia to have led a revolt or rebellion against Europeans such as the British to stop them from enslaving her people and the German Colonial Soldiers from Oppressing her people and the people of Namibia .

It is believed Kaipkire continued the fight by war and liberating her people furthermore , she fought the Germans about 1919 . Queen Kaipkire believed strongly in her ancestral traditions and she led other herero women to also joined her army and fought as well .  

It is believed first rebellion took place in 1903, Queen Kaipkire , Nama and Witboi murdered and shot 60 German who were both Colonists and settlers they were known for enslaving and opressing her people . 

Nama also unified an army between two ethnic groups such as KhoiKhoi and Herero under the leadership of Queen Kaipkire and the 2nd revolt was led by her and Maharero and other hereros while they were another troops from Britain and Germany who had left Europe to what is now Namibia . Under Queen Kaipkire leadership , she had one of the unknown greatest revolt against the European Colonists by defeating them and killing Colonists who were settlers who called for wars .

It is claimed the German won one out of many battles just one time and lost many battles with her and her armies this proved she had one of the powerful armies , Germany first victory was under the leadership of Von Throtha in the battle of Waterberg later he and his troops lost many battles they had many defeats , their first victory they captured Hereros as prisons the Germans and took them to the prison when Queen Kaipkire lost her battle for the first time and she won many as well . 

Queen Kaipkire gave a speech before her death and during her era when she won many battles she quoted “ I can hear the roar of Courageous women , African women have been Introduced to alien or foreign cultures in the past , the African women themselves , we will fight and sacrifice our lives on the battlefields , we are going to liberate and fight for our freedom and return back to our heritage”.

Research Piece and Speech translated originally from Italian and French .
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