Achimota Senior High Rasta Student Stabs Father Over Domestic Disputes.

Achimota Senior High Rasta Student Stabs Father Over Domestic Disputes.

The rastafarian whose admission blues reached far and near when the school authorities denied him entrance to the school, has hit the father at the back after the sacrifices that the father sought to make for him just to ensure he got the admission to the senior high school of his ultimate dream. 
The father released a short video online underscoring the scuffle that ensued between both of them at home over some pertinent issues considered to be father-child matter or father and his family affair which in the aftermath, got the student who is still a teenager, furious and totally upset over what the father said and due to his utterly disagreement with the father, he cunningly stabbed and brutalised the father with a knife resulting in the oozing of blood from the hands of the father. 

Tyrone Marghuy, whose admission into the Achimota Senior High School went back and forth between his parents and the management of the school based on his rastafarianism, attracted huge significant number of human rights lawyers coming to his aid just to make sure he gets the admission to the school of his dream but barely a year into his final admission, he has betrayed those who supported him in the legal tussle between his earthly parents and the school management on principles of morality. 

The school denied him access to the school simply because, according to the school, it is against the moral and religious values of the school to admit a rastafarian in the school which the parents of the child did not take kindly to and they sought the services of legal luminaries and the matter was dragged to the human rights court and after a long standing legal battle in the courtroom, they finally won the fight against the school authorities and thus; the court ruled that the child be admitted because it would be against his fundamental human rights to be denied the possibility of studying at the Achimota Senior Senior High. Due to what the child has done to the father who fought all the legal battles with his might could be described as a classic clear case of vindication of the management of the Achimota Senior High School because they held the view from the onset that, that child Tyrone Marghuy could likely jeopardise the morality of the school as he would come in with his rastafarianism to be practising same in the school which could corrupt and brainwash the minds of other religiously inclined students in the school.
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