Aduana Stars defender,Emmanuel Akuoko retires from active football

Aduana Stars defender,Emmanuel Akuoko retires from active football

.The football enthusiasts in the country are currently not walking on air as they have learnt of one of their football wizards, has retired from every form of active participation in activities relating to football in the country with an immediate effect. Football maestro Emmanuel Akuoko has hanged his soccer boots to enjoy the luxury of life as he is fast advancing in age.
 Aduana Stars players could not hold their tears when the dribbling giant announced his stay out of active participation in the finest game which he used to play joyfully with his jubilant football enthusiasts on the field of Play cheerfully.
 Some people have congratulated him for taking the bold step in resigning from the active participation in the game of football which is full of vigorous exercises rather than when he would pretentiously reduce his football age drastically so as to be in the game today where he may not be relevant which could even affect his health in the near foreseeable future in the long run. 
The Ghana Premier League can not be complete without the involvement of Emmanuel Akuoko who is the defender of Aduana Stars who has been described by many football lovers as a versatile and a very formidable defensive player who could play the game convincingly as though he were on a battle field with all his tactical shotgun shells being displayed on a citadel of platform exhibited by crafted talent who just appeared out of the blue when he is on the pitch to do unusual to the admiration of all and sundry to smile about without any objections been raised. 
He would fondly be missed by all in the football circles as he is planning to come out seldomly as a spectator to avoid being in the public limelights even though he is the much talked about individuals currently being spoken and discussed about on the football radio stations and television networks in the local football radar. 
Some have even mooted that he should have waited a little bit longer because the football season is inching closer to an end but certain parties have ridiculously said he knows he would not be able to assist Aduana Stars annex the trophy during this very football season hence his decision to unexpected drop off his shinguards.
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