African Queen Ririkumutima of Burundi Kingdom.

African Queen Ririkumutima of Burundi Kingdom.

Queen Ririkumutima was born Mwamikazi Nidi Ririkumutima Bizama Hitanzimi za Mwezi in the mid 19th Century in Present day Burundi. She was the 3rd born of King Sekawonyi of Watussi Muyakarama Clan, her mother was Inankinso, her father had only six wives and many children, Queen Ririkumutima's husband called King Mwezi Gisabo had 13 wives and gave birth to three daughters and six sons. King Mwezi was the son of King Ntare IV during father's reign Burundi was under German rule.

It is believed an agreement in 1890 allow his father to remained King but recognized the authority of German, King Ntare IV had to face two brave Chiefs known as Maconco and Birori in 1903, this recognition was withdrawn in 1905, the rebellion extinguished in 1906. His other son succeeded Chief Nandabuga.   
King Mwezi passed away in 1908, Queen Ririkumutima was anxious to secure that royal succession would pass to one of her sons.
 Ntabahinya wanted to gained favor she believed that throne seemed likely to be passed to her son , Queen Ririkumutima proclaimed throughout that Ntbahinya's Child called Mbukije had no heirs to the throne due to misunderstanding, the people now believed Mbukjie was not the child of Queen Ririkumutima as they used to believe. Mbukjie mother accepted the offer and served as regent both during Mbukjie's rule and Mbwambtsa IV's rule. 
 It is said Burundi had became a German colony as part of so called German East Africa in 1890, the colonial power did not effectively occupy or take over that area, In 1916 during world war l, Belgian troops began to occupied that area. 
 Europeans described Queen Ririkumutima as being Stubborn, Incapable, talkative, showed herself to be Intelligent the reason why Europeans said this because they feared her and they thought she might kill them if they make her angry.  
According to Other accounts no woman will have marked the history of Burundi as much as Riritumutima She was courageous and a fighter who defeated the Europeans. 

 The Kingdom of Burundi was ruled by the Tutsi People, Burundi Kingdom was founded in the 17th Century and preserved under European Colonial rule in the late 19th- early 20th Century and later between 1962 and 1966. Under the rule of Mwami Ntare l who ruled from 1675-1705, the surrounding polities, even though Mwami's Kingdom was extensively authority had wide Independence. Before the arrival of Europeans Colonists, sucession struggles were common. 
 In 1890, Rwandan monarchy was abolished in Rwadan Revolution or Wind of Destruction also referred as Social Revolution between 1959 and 1961, Burundi monarchy succeeded in surving into post colonial in 1962, the Kingdom of Burundi regained its Independence as Constitutional monarchy.

It is said Mwami held powers given to him by the parliament, most of the People of Burundi Kingdom were forced to exile to France. 
 Catholic missionaries established a mission station on Lake Tanganyika, Belgians knew the region, although was not directly under Burundian control, It is claimed Catholic Priests attempted one of his retainers from what the Belgians perceived as Slavery. Queen Ririkumutima was killed by Europeans and She died at Gietga in July 28, 1917.
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