AKATSI:  Yao Keletsi "Agboyibor"  gets support.

AKATSI: Yao Keletsi "Agboyibor" gets support.

Yao Keletsi popularly known as Agboyibor gets financial support for his hospital bills.

An amount of Ghc1000 was presented to the families of Agboyibor, a victim during the Akatsi crisis to help cater his surgical bills.

Yao Keletsi Agboyibor was one of the youth who was shot during a riot that errupted in Akatsi between the Police and some youth over an alleged killing of one Setor Agormeda in early April, 2022. 

Agboyibor was admitted at Ho Teaching Hospital where a surgical operation was carried on him to remove the bullet from his thigh

During Agboyibor's stay at the hospital, members of the "Akatsi South Platform" mobilised themselves for a contribution purposely to help him since he was believed to be mentally challenged and might not get the necessary support. A reasonable amount was realised over this period and was presented to his families at their family house at Akatsi-Kpotame on Wednesday morning  
The presentation was done by Mr. Sadique Abubakar Ganah accompanied by Zikpuitor Fialor and Godsway Klutsey as pioneers and Co-founders of the Akatsi South Platform. 
According to Sadique Ganah; they were just trying to fulfill their aims of establishing the platform thats; extending humanitarian and welfare hands to the needy in community, he went on to say; though the amount is meager they hope to come back with some other supports. 

Kenneth Fomayie , a brother to Agboyibor in receiving the money expressed his joy.
"We are so much happy for your kind gesture and pray the Lord replenish your lost....we hope to utilise this money to the benefit of my brother" He said.
Kenneth went on to lament about how they have to pay very high bills which amounted to about Ghc4000 and due to their failure to pay on time, they had to encure additional bills all amounting to about Ghc7,800. Kenneth was grateful to the MCE; Hon. Martin K. Nyahe and the MP; Hon. Bernard Ahiafor for their earlier supports. 

Yao Agboyibor was dischareged and currently at home but has been going for medical review.
Source: Rhussianet.com
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