Akufo Addo runs to World Bank for  loan - Ablakwa alleges.

Akufo Addo runs to World Bank for loan - Ablakwa alleges.

 It is reported in some circles of the media that the president of Ghana is canvassing for fifty million dollar loan from the World Bank to undertake the project of Judicial Training institute edifice.
 The National Democratic Congress members of Parliament Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa, has claimed that after the president ordered the demolition of the former building meant for the training of the judicial staff which paved way for the construction of the National Cathedral Project in Accra, the president is looking for the loan to embark on building the same training centre for the judicial staff as he earlier gave his executive order for people to pull down the structure without thinking carefully about the financial repercussions on the country.
 Even though the government does not come out yet to deny or confirm what the honourable member of Parliament for Tongu has churned out into the public domain, the silenceness on the part of government communicators is telling the general public about some kind of suspicion. 
But if it is finally confirmed by the government that it is seeking to contract a loan from the World Bank to raise the building of judicial training institute, any meaningful individual could think that the president has entirely lost it because it was the same president who doled out a whopping amount of money towards the construction of the national cathedral building project. 
Some have already started to assume that it is loot and share agenda that the president is embarking upon just to amass wealth for himself due to the properties he sold belonging to his late father to finance his campaign activities.
 It would be of mental embecility on the part of the president of Ghana to run to the World Bank for the contracting of loans allegedly to be meant for the construction of a so called building of judicial training institute which he personally ordered that they should ruin so that they use the same place for the construction of national cathedral building after which he used large quantum of the tax payers'money to fund. 
If it is true that what has been established by the member of Parliament for Tongu is anything to go by, then the future of this very country called Ghana is bleak and it is time for the teeming youth to rise up against any oppressors rule which is hampering the smooth progress of the country.
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