Fuel Price Goes Up Today.

Fuel Price Goes Up Today.

 The persistent fuel price hikes in the world market, is causing many economies to remain unstable as another fuel price increment is expected today.
 It has become a ritual that every ten or fourteen days, what you will hear is fuel prices going up but the income of the workers remain stagnant where cost of living swallows everything without a reserve. 
If it happens that the fuel prices are hiked truly, prices of goods and services are expected to increase marginally as the local currency is nothing but a dross. 
The inflation of Ghana now stands at 27.6% causing Ghana to be the most expensive country to live in on the African continents but our political leaders who claimed to have the country at heart would turn out to be telling you something else as if they are the only people who are buying items in the market.
 Ghanaians had earlier registered their displeasure about the poor handling of Ghana's economy as the economy is struggling to remain stable and relevant to match with the other resilient and formidable economies of other countries.
 Public transportation operators have begun sensitising the public against the looming transportation fare increments so that when they undertake the possible adjustment, they have to comply with the changes. In Ghana, fares are very luxurious as compared with many other African countries due to the rising cost of the prices even though Ghana is said to be drilling her own oil but whatever is coming out of that it is only those who know what they are using the oil proceeds for will be in the best position to give a concrete answer.
 Very soon, it will not be long then you will see or hear that the masses have poured onto the streets to demand for accountability from this malevolent government. 
The economic hardship alone is too severe for Ghanaians to bear with but those at the helm of affairs do not seem to be concerned about anything where individuals are left to fend for themselves through any means they deem fit for their own interests. 
The u b friendly nature of the economy in Ghana has instigated many people against this cruel leadership because the rate at the the financial fortunes of the people have declined without any solutions they are worried as to what the future holds for them. It is because of how life has become like living in a hell on earth, some people resorted to living their own lives by passing through the crooked means to survive simply because the economy can not support their finances. 
Even those at the government level, do not render proper account nowadays thinking that they are at the helm of issues who are planning and deciding on what to do and what not to do in the country ignorantly forgetting that nobody comes on this earth to stay forever because it would be the case the first ever generation must still remain on this earth for all and sundry to see. 
The government of Ghana too is not ready or willing to grant any fuel subsidy to alleviate the plight of the finances of Ghanaians but rather increasing the prices significantly the moment it goes up in the world markets. If the current government were to be a compassionate and benevolent one, there is no way Ghanaians will be enduring this severe economic downturn in the country; it is as a result of the heartless and ruthless nature of some people who have clinged onto political power without been voted, things are going on in such a hopeless direction.
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