GRA Official Submerged In Boti River

GRA Official Submerged In Boti River

 It is with great shock and sadness the family of an official working with the Ghana Revenue Authority, learnt of his tragic demise through the social media channels.
 The vehicle of the departed individual was spotted in the Boti River around Oda Nkwanta enclave of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

 The said GRA employee, only identified as Richard Frimpong, shockingly plunged into the river with his private car under bizarre circumstances too mysterious to be explained to the ordinary people for understanding. It is above head how he got plunged into the river from a far distance of the river where the car could not collide with any available solid materials including the trees orderly planted along the river bank. The family of the late Richard Frimpong, is currently in deep trauma because he was their bread winner when he was alive living harmoniously with them. 

The whole incident has caused fear and panic in the entire community where this tragic event has unfolded but members of the area are not leaving anything to chance. Others are suspecting of a targeted attack on the life of the Ghana Revenue Authority employee due to the strange and unexplained mysteries surrounding his demise. 

Those who suspected a foul play on the part of certain individuals who may have their hands leading to the sad drowning of Richard Frimpong, whose mortal remain had been found positioning itself in a supine position in the river at a certain portion of the river. Members of the community are believing that something weird went wrong at somewhere which needs to be thoroughly investigated to bring anyone whose hand is connected with the drowning of Richard Frimpong to face the full rigours of the law to serve as a deterrent to other miscreants in society. 

The police officers in the area, have colden off the the incident scene treating it as a crime zone whilst investigations proceed steadily to unravel the mystery behind the strange circumstances under which Richard Frimpong had passed away without leaving words behind to the family. Those who are suspecting a foul play on the part of certain individuals in masterminding the heartbreaking loss of life for Richard Frimpong, are of the view that, his mysterious death would have something to do with the spiritual side of life due to the bizarre manner in which the incident unfolded. 

The wife of the deceased could not compose herself when the death of her beloved husband was announced to her. She suddenly broke down in a flood of tears and wept bitterly whilst others struggled in consoling and commiserating with her in a way she put herself together. 

The police officers have currently been detailed to unravel the mystery surrounding the unexpected demise of the Ghana Revenue Authority employee, Richard Frimpong, who got drowned tragically in the Boti River around Oda Nkwanta enclave of the Eastern Region of Ghana.
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