History of Ababda People of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

History of Ababda People of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Ababda People also known as Al Ababda People can be found in Sudan, Egypt and some parts of Ethiopia they are part of the Beja ethnic group and of the Nomadic people, herding plays a big role in the Ababda Culture they herd camels, goats, sheep and cattles they also make Gabannah coffee which is part of their traditions and they welcome guests, making of bedoui beads around 1900s the Ababda warriors fought and defeated their enemies .
According to Anthropologist , They extend from the Nile at present day Aswan in Egypt to the Red sea and reached northward to the Quena Quesir, they occupied the Southern border of Egypt east of the Nile with some clans of the Bisharin and the hadendoa, they represent the blemmyes.
They fought a battle with the Ancient Romans and conquered them in the middle ages, they convoyed pilgrims from the nile valley to Aidhab, the port of embarkation of Jeddah from time immemorial, it is claimed they have acted as guides caravans through the dessert of Ancient Sudan referred as Nubia and up the nile as far as sennar. They intermarried with the Nubians and settled in small colonies at Shendi under Mohammed Ali of Egypt conquest of region in the early 19th Century they had trade carriers.
The Egyptian Ivansion of Nubia from 1820-1824 , it is said the Rashaiada people and Ababda have migrated prior to migrations to Nubia, they performed a traditional Ababda dance known as maggad is performed with swords and shield it is claimed that kawahla and kordofan have common origin which is a subsection of Ababda in their traditions they have their own charcoals located at the trees region they used only a few hunting tool such as traps, stones and trained.
It is said they are descendants of Begga ethnic group which they were the first people who inhabited the desert between the red sea and the nile the medjau also inhabited the South Eastern desert during the reign of the Ptolemaic Kings from 332-30 B. C. the people who settled in the area were called Troglodytes it is claimed they are the direct ancestors of the Ababda people who conquered Southern portions of the Roman province of Ancinet Egypt after centuries of wars, they used to be part of the Ancinet Kingdom of Menroe and their customs dates back to 917 AD traced far back to Ancient Egypt also known as Kemet.
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