I am not in politics to make money-  Nana Akuffo  Addo.

I am not in politics to make money- Nana Akuffo Addo.

 In the activities leading to the 2016 general elections in Ghana, the then candidate on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, declared his willingness and selflessness, to serving Ghana faithful if Ghanaian voters could give him the chance to rule the country for at least four years because he is going to do such an extraordinary thing in the history of Ghana.
 According to him, he made enough money to the extent that, he did not even want to be receiving his monthly salary when he gets the nod from Ghanaian voters after rigorously and vigorously campaigning in all the four corners of the country with the same message that he was not into politics to making money for himself. 
After almost five years of such a pledge declared to the Ghanaian voters as a candidate in the national elections, he is still stating and saying it that he is not in politics to put money in his personal pockets but rather in the pockets of the Ghanaian youth who have the interest of the country at hearts. 

Now that he got the unflinching endorsement from the majority of the Ghanaian voters, many are wondering if he was the same person who vowed that as far as he is concerned, money is never his problem because he got enough money to spend for the rest of his life time. It is now clear to the conscience of many Ghanaians that, such promises and assurances proceeding from the mouth of such a political leader, were just political gimmicks and rhetorical sentiments that came from the utterances of someone who is desperate to doing something else unthinkable at the detrimental of the ordinary voter after securing the mandate from Ghanaian. 
Some people are questioning if the current president of Ghana was the same people who pledged that he was not coming in to be the president of Ghana to put money in his personal pockets but rather the pockets of Ghanaian. It is sounding somehow ironic today because that is not what we are seeing and feeling in the country presently but rather it is the opposite. 
Ghanaians are struggling to survive today under the leadership of someone who boldly promised and assured people that he would come and serve them and the nation as a whole because he is the most credible candidate among all others with the saying that, they were coming into leadership to make money but as for him, he made his money already in abundance therefore he would come to power to prosper Ghana voters who would secure his mandate but here we are, the country is facing unprecedented economic hardships and turmoils that never happened in the history of Ghana since she got independence from the British colonial authorities over sixty years ago. Ghana faces and experiences struggling economic misfortunes currently as the person who promised to seeing the prosperity of those who voted for him into the highest office of the land, is now ruling and governing those whose mandate he begged for earnestly like a crawling child when he was then a presidential.

 Ghanaians are suffering under the turbulent regime of Nana Addo in the sense that what he promised the voters he is not delivering it to them but blatantly and heartlessly, treating s and ruling them with an iron fist. Nobody knows where the wealth of the country is going or how it is being disbursed towards the development of Ghana but rather, it is going into the pockets of some few individuals who think their fathers were the only people who sacrificed and toiled for Ghana therefore, they are the only people who have the right to enjoy the wealth of Ghana after such unattainable and unrealistic expectations he hoodwinked and bamboozled illiterate voters in siding with him but today, in the history of Ghana, that same individual is amassing wealth and enjoying same whilst such poor people who voted for him are languishing in sorrow and an abject poverty without being thought about as to whether they also exist under the sun or elsewhere.
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