I am pressured to get married - Mzvee

I am pressured to get married - Mzvee

 It is whether someone is a marriage material to be tied the knot with, is not the main focus of certain individuals in a society but rather, when the person is popular and has the features admirable by the other fellow. In society today, it is those with heavy outlooks that are becoming attractions to some people because of the bulky curvy body shapes they are possessed with either the breast is big or the bottom is a heavy axle. 

Yesterday, one of Ghana's music sensations, Mzvee admitted, having been coerced by her family members and some other notable fans of hers to get married because she is fast advancing in ages. She added that, it is not her personal wish that she is still single though she is not searching for a suitor, but rather, it is because she is not ready and fully prepared to be tied with any particular man now to be called her husband.

 Marriage is when a man and a woman come together to form a union by living peacefully and harmoniously for the rest of their lifetime after both have agreed to do so but due to this contemporary world we live in today, marriage has become like an entertainment for the youth who are engaging themselves in such an adventure and within a twinkle of an eye, they are either divorced or separated due to one or two reasons that do not even make sense to anyone who strongly upholds the tenets of marriage to be a union between both sexes till death does separate them. Other people are wondering if Mzvee could actually get married anytime soon because of the nature of her music career and her personal lifestyle that may not be able to match with the opposite gender's life. 
But it is said; "Birds of a feather flock together" and so, by so doing, they would have to study each other carefully before they both consent to get married because it is a lifetime thing. 

She further stated that, due to the pressure being mounted on her to marry and spend her remaining years with one particular man, she is somehow disturbed as to how to go about it with the reason that she has not yet planned for a marriage.
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