Ashanti: IGP dismisses DCOP and 2 others over Islamic SHS brouhaha.

Ashanti: IGP dismisses DCOP and 2 others over Islamic SHS brouhaha.

 The Inspector General of Police, IGP, Dr. George Akufo Dampare, has released off of duty with an immediate effect, the deputy Ashanti regional police commander, Deputy Commissioner Of Police, DCOP Kwasi Akomeah Apraku over his dereliction of duty concerning the unfortunate shooting incident which unfolded at Abepo in the Ashanti region involving the police officers and the students of Islamic Senior High School, who went on a peaceful protest to press home their demands for the safety their people in the area to be taken as a priority. 
The students went out demonstrating over the poor nature of the road network in the area which is causing loss of lives of people on daily basis without solutions being professed. But when the police officers in the region learnt of the event, they quickly stormed the scene firing into the air and targeting some of the students in the process.
 The unprofessional manner in which the police officers demonstrated their high level of brute force, the usage of maximum force and inconsiderate conduct exhibited in connection with the incident, resulted in the tragic shooting of over thirty students who sustained varying degrees of life threatening injuries but they were later rushed to the nearby hospital in the community to receive a medical attention. 
It is not how ever clear yet until now, under whose authority or instructions that such irresponsible police officers were dispatched onto the ground of the site where the students were registering their displeasure about the deplorable nature of the roads in their localities.
 The students were not in anyway armed to the teeth as in a case of damaging properties or going on rampage because of what they might be possessed with but rather, they were harmless but the moment such thoughtless police officers arrived at the scenes, they unleashed their wrath and venom on the teenagers and opened fire on them with life bullets and tear gas which in the end, caused tragic spectacles before the end of the day. 
The parents of the children involved in the unfortunate incident, got to the centre and suddenly broke down in bitter tears and those of them who could not compose themselves due to the gravity and severity of what they witnessed regarding the shooting incident involving their students, did not leave anything to chance but rather, they invoked the spirit of the object of worship they are believing in. 
The curses they they invoked on the officers who deliberately manhandled and brutallised their teenage youth, just began to manifest within twelve hours which has brought to light, the demotion of the deputy Ashanti regional police commander in the period of: DCOP Kwasi Akomeah Apraku. Some people are reading various meanings into his dismissal that he might be the brain behind the dispatch of those inconsiderate officers to assault the students during the demonstrations but others do believe that, he is only being used as a scapegoat to cover up the illegality and repressive manner in which the police officers discharge their duties nowadays.
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