My Daughter Suspected Nefarious Activities Of Her Father-mother of money ritual victim breaks her silence.

My Daughter Suspected Nefarious Activities Of Her Father-mother of money ritual victim breaks her silence.

 .The mother of an eleven year old girl, who is at the centre of the alleged human sacrifice for suspected money ritualistics, has spoken for the first time since the rescuing of her beloved daughter who her biological father attempted to sacrifice for blood money secretly in the shrine of a traditional priest at Kom at Oyibi in the outskirts of Accra near Dodowa, has confirmed that her child became conscious of the hidden motives behind the diabolical activities of the father when he engaged in a private conversation with the girl under the pretext of travelling with her to one of his ardent friends but she should not think that time would not permit her to go to school because they would return on the same day after their short visit to that unidentified friend of the father. 

The child later conferred in the mother thereafter without the father been privy to what sort of an interaction existed between the mother and her daughter. The girl who was scheduled by the father clandestinely with the connivance of another purported to be the ritualist who would perform the ritual sacrifices for the father of the child, a businessman referred to as Evans Yeboah who resides at Madina, a suburb of Accra which is not all that far away from Oyibi where he went secretly to slaughter the girl so as to become rich overnight without toiling and sweating with his body, was covetedly recorded in a spying camera which recorded every details of what he intended to doing with his biological teenager, who is just 11 years. 

QMany people took to social media to applaud the moral deeds of the ritualist who was allegedly consulted to undertake the planned slaying of the girl for the gods to making the father become a financially wealthy individual in a society so he could also be celebrated as in the cases of others being cheered and hailed without knowing how or where they got their money; for blowing up the whistle on the so called businessman, Evans Yeboah, the father of the child slated to be slain for the gods of blood money enchantment.

 The ritualist is being praised for doing what is highly expected of every dedicated, loyal and committed citizen of the republic of Ghana under our civic responsibilities to helping the public security officers flash out hardened criminals in our various communities. But some others are wondering how come the father of the child who is now in the firm grips of the police officers, got to know about that ritualist in contention? Who introduced him to the ritualist? And how did they both get to know each other or even how does the businessman learn of the location of such an individual? But whatever way that unfolds, we should allow the full rigours of the law to take its full strength to bringing a lasting sanity to our country.

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