My son was a cleaner before Dr. McDan Korley.

My son was a cleaner before Dr. McDan Korley.

The chief Executive Officer of McDan Shipping company, Dr. Daniel McKorkey, has opened up on how he was able to strategically train his biological son through certain usual means without revealing to him that he was undergoing training for the betterment of his own future. Some people thought as he was financially endowed it means things must be mouthwatering with all his children but rather that is not the actual spectacle in the family. 
Dr. McDan stated that, he wanted his son to be a very disciplined child for him and he himself in the near foreseeable future hence, he chose to employ him in his personal company to work as a mean cleaner and and a security officer before he secured his tertiary admission requirements for him. According to Dr. Daniel McKorkey, people thought as there was money then his son should not experience what other people are going through before making ends meet but that can not be the case for him and his son. He intentionally disallowed the son from seeking tertiary admission requirements the moment he completed his senior high education with excellent results but the father did not permit that he goes to further his education at once even though the son was borne with a silver spoon. 
The sole founder of McDan Shipping company admitted that as he got his wealth through difficulties his son is not above austere experiences therefore he must also go through thick and thin to have a feel of how difficult life is treating people out of the house before they are able to make it in life with commitment, hardworking and determination. In his personal opinion, he allowed his son to work in the company as a cleaner as well as a security officer to learn discipline for his own good in the near foreseeable future because life does not fall on a silver platter.

 Without discipline, his son can not become the kind of a person he wanted him to be in future if he is no longer in the system to steer the affairs of managing the company and taking it to its destination.
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