My Wife Died Of Cancer, Leave Me Alone-husband of Ekwueme departed fame cries foul

My Wife Died Of Cancer, Leave Me Alone-husband of Ekwueme departed fame cries foul

 The beleaguered husband of the late gospel songstress, Madam Osinachi Nwachukwu in Nigeria, has revealed the cause of his dead and entombed wife based on the medical records obtained from a very reputable and a credible hospital in Nigeria. The embattled husband of the departed gospel music maestro, Peter Nwachukwu, who had been accused of murdering his own wife due to an alleged strangled and molestation case preferred against his persona, has greatly lamented the excruciating pains and sufferings meted out to him since his woman kicked the bucket barely a month ago who was later buried last week in Nigeria. Peter Nwachukwu revealed that his hands are clean and pure without any iota of blood stain relating to the murder charges leveled against him when his wife Osinachi who sang the powerful and spirit filled worship song: "Ekwueme" which rocked the bone marrows of all and sundry of all ages in the gospel music industry and many other religious establishments both national and international as a whole. 

The husband has indicated that based on the autopsy reports filed under strict and adherent examination of the dead body of his wife before she was finally entombed last week, it was established and then revealed that, the ginger lost her life due to medical related complications arousing out of her failing health which she herself had been battling with for a while before she finally breathed her last at the age of 42 years.

 According to the medical examinations conducted by surgical and medical professionals with the prowess and the acumen from their various medical fields and studies, it was found out that she suffered difficulties in breathing while she was alive and kicking before her untimely death. Many other medical related complications were discovered where the doctors detected that she had lung infections and some connected infections which necessitated her death because they could not find any case or any instance of physical injury or an assault emanating from beating or strangling which was earlier reported caused the unfortunate demise of the gospel songstress who passed away at the age of 42 years leaving her music lovers dumbfounded. 
A court in Nigeria ruled in the previous weeks that, the husband dies by hanging at the neck and now that the medical reports and records have proven other words and on such basis the beleaguered husband thinks he must be exonerated from all the charges of murder because, medical records have established the fact that the woman died of medical related complications including lung cancer which sent her to the grave unexpectedly and thus; he had no hand in her demise because, he cherished and loved his only wife of many years and therefore, he could not terminate her precious life as that and therefore, he must be left out of the hook to breath fresh air for a revival as he is currently battling with trauma.
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