Ofori Atta is not fired - Oduro Takyi.

Ofori Atta is not fired - Oduro Takyi.

 Rumour is rife in some circles of the media that the president of the republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa, has boosted out the finance minister due to his poor handling of the economy even though there is no official communication from the presidency to allude to such claims. Some Ghanaians have called for the head of the minister for finance and economic planning, Ken Ofori Atta, to roll because according to them, he is handling the economy as if it is his private business entity. 
The economy of Ghana had been unstable for a while now without receiving any meaningful and pragmatic steps as to how to heal and restore the debilitating comatose status of the country's fast depreciating economy. 
A few people who were elated to learn of the alleged dismissal of the finance minister, began to rejoice hoping that it was an official communication coming from the presidency. 
It is said that when a tilapia comes out of water to tell you that a crocodile is having a stomach ache you have to believe it because, both of them are aquatic species. One of the closed allies of the Akufo Addo has debunked claims circulated on social media regarding the unconfirmed sacking of the minister for finance and economic planning.
 According to him, Ghanaian people should treat such claims with a pinch of salt because there is no way the president is going to dismiss an individual who personally manages his private assets for him. Mr. Oduro Takyi, a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party and a closed confidant of Ofori Atta, stated that it is only people who do not know the bond between the president and the financial minister that would embark on such a hoax that the president had sacked his loyal member of his government. Oduro Takyi revealed that those who are expecting the president to give the finance minister a red light are hallucinating because the president does not even have such a draconic thought before with the reason that, the finance minister that some people are yearning for his head to roll on the job, is the same person who is managing the assets of the president and therefore, you can just imagine of the relationship between the president and the finance minister; blood is thicker than water and there is no way the president would say goodbye to someone who is loyal and dedicated to him, his family and to managing his personal assets for him; Oduro Takyi concluded.
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