Rainstorm ravages Walewale SHS building.

Rainstorm ravages Walewale SHS building.

A severe rainstorm has rendered some portions of Walewale Senior High school, leaving the students stranded. The rain which began with strong and fierce winds, ripped off the roofing system of the building and gave up the entire structure to the weather for ruin. But such an incident will not take anyone aback as we are in the rainy season. The weather has been pouring more rain day in day out and due to this phenomenon, it should be a wake up call to many that anything untoward could occur. 
The school authorities are currently in a crunch meeting to find a lasting solution to the challenge. It all bothers on the financial strength of the school as to what it could do to quickly roof the building for teaching and learning to go on steadily and progressively.
 Walewale Senior High School, is a basic senior high school owned and financed by the government of Ghana. The district directorate of education must step up efforts in restoring sanity to the school as students in the school at the moment are not enthused about the turn of events.
 There are some public schools, when it happens as this, the leadership of the school takes an advantage of the situation on the ground and inflate the prices of the itemised materials which will inure to their own parochial interest because it is the money of the government of Ghana. 
Those who are going to be in charge of stocks and inventory takings must make sure they do an extraordinary job without any suspicious activities to be ascribed to their person. Many parts of the country have flooded because of how the rain cats and dogs yesterday without giving a short break of an interval. 
The rain continues to wreck havoc in the low lying areas of Ghana causing countless houses to submerge in water without remedies.
 The Ghana Meteorological Services Department; continues to update Ghanaians on how to take precautionary measures when the rain sets in. Heavy rainstorm inundated the entire country yesterday with the weather giving out rain in some cases for more than 8 hours nonstop. 
Even though others are happy about the continuous falling of the weather, a few of the people are only concerned about where and how they would lay down their heads before when the day breaks, then they will proceed with their daily activities.
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