Shocking Revelation! Presidency Employs 995 Staff.

Shocking Revelation! Presidency Employs 995 Staff.

 It is emerging from the corridors of power that, huge number of employees are currently working at the office of the president of Ghana. It is mind boggling to have learnt that, the total number of people working in the presidency are nine hundred and ninety five staff members while majority being the males but a female being the chief of staff in the person of: Madam Akosua Frema Opare Ansah. It has beaten the imaginations of many that how things are going on in the country where the currency of the country is depreciating on regular basis causing high cost of living and doing business in the country, the president would sanction such gargantuan quantum of staff members working in his office alone.

 Many are wondering what at all they are even doing in the presidency or they are just there for the sake of the name. Ghanaians would not conclude that these are some of the tot most reasons why the country is not progressing but rather retrogressing speedily. It is also one of the avenues where jobs for the boys is entertained as it might be the case of promises given the political boot lickers before and during the campaign era when the president and his cohorts were canvassing for votes to govern the nation for his second term bid which even resulted in a heated debate as to whether he genuinely won the election or not because the then candidate for the National Democratic Congress was upset and livid totally about the aftermath of the election results.

 Giving jobs to such enormous and significant number of people just to be in your office alone tells the whole world that there is something wrong at somewhere because the president does not pay even a single person person he places in his office with his personal resources but rather, the person is being paid by the money of tax payers while some of them working at the presidency if at all there is any tangible work there for them to actually be doing before when the month ends, they are paid from the coffers of the state. Such voluminous number of people employed would amount to causing financial loss to the republic of Ghana thereby rendering some people jobless and meaningless in the country where those 995 people claimed to be working at the presidency enjoy themselves on daily basis at the expense of the people who are the real tax payers but they remain unemployed due to high level of graduates unemployment rate which is rising up in colossal amount.

 The country Ghana has been struggling to be economically reliant due to her heavily dependent on foreign partners and donors for financial support where the debts stocks have reached a state of crescendo which solutions being professed to ameliorating the situation from further escalating to affect the unborn generation.
 The country is heading in a wrong direction as said by some precious observers who were in one way or the other concerned about the welfare of the country Ghana and it is as a result of the misplaced priorities being championed by the President himself that is why the people of Ghana are lamenting over his leadership style and bad governance approach to dealing with the recurring challenges of the country.

 There is no way any right thinking individual who is in his or her appropriate and sound thinking faculty, would employ 995 people to be working in one particular office bearing it in mind that, the economic status of that very nation is in coma and debilitating state where the inflation rises up exponentially due to profligate spending and insatiable appetite for foreign goods on the part of government and its so called presidential staffers.
 It is not a good news at all for anyone to smile about knowing very well that the country's economy is battling to be revived.
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