Dambai: Tree uprooted by rainstorm mysteriously appears upright.

Dambai: Tree uprooted by rainstorm mysteriously appears upright.

Residents of Dambai Health Center, a farming community, in the Krachi East Municipality of the Oti Region are in shock as a teak tree that was uprooted during a rainstorm appeared upright to its former position without branches.
The branches of the almost dried tree are left on the floor while some of the roots of the tree showed it was cut off from the rest firmly buried in the ground.

Madam Mary Boama who interacted with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) about the mysterious incident said she was scared of the situation since the tree was closer to her house.

She said her fear grew more since she was the one who cut off the branches of the tree when it was uprooted with plans to use them as firewood.

Madam Boama said the re-erection of the tree caught her attention because the tree was uprooted a week before the mystery occurred.

She narrated the teak tree stood upright “staring at everybody. This is a clear case of wonders shall never end situation”.

She said she would consult a spiritualist on the occurrence adding that she was still in shock.

Mr. Abraham Sapaku, a resident nearby explained that he was home when he heard a loud vibration sound after which the tree reverted to its former position, standing upright.

The GNA has picked information that a similar incident happened recently in a traditional area within the region.

Source: GNA
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