Death is wrestling with former Boxing icon - Mike Tyson.

Death is wrestling with former Boxing icon - Mike Tyson.

 Mike Tyson, who is worldly noted for his fierce punches in the boxing ring against his fighting opponents, has revealed that, he is finally inching closer to his grave because he could feel and smell the pangs of death scouting around him wherever he finds himself. 

The former boxing legend, opens up about the negative things that he has been experiencing after quitting boxing to enjoy some moments of private life, said he does not want to keep anyone in suspense concerning when he would be breathing his last on this earth because he does not expect anybody to be shocked and sudden by his demise and as such, he has given every detailed information communicated to his immediate family members and his boxing career followers about the things that are likely to happen to him very soon in the coming months or years.

 He stressed that even though death is inevitable, it is going to strike him one day when the time comes and due to the kinds of experiences he is having currently, he believes his death is fast approaching him with speed and thus, his expiration on this earth, is near and anything that transpires after his public declaration of what is likely to occur to him later, should not surprise people because he knows that his years and time in this world, expired already and that is why he does not intend to hide anything from the general public about his life. Many people are hailing the former boxing maestro due to his skillful display and dexterity when it bothers most on boxing gymnastics in the boxing ring during encounters with his ex boxing rivals.

 It is not however clear, how the former boxing legend got to know that his years on earth expired already and that is why he is announcing his impeding death occurrence to people who are very close to him that on that fateful day when the unexpected happens to him, it should not seem to them as unexpected and based on that premise, he is alerting them of the tragedy that is prevailing in his soul at the moment.

 Some people are asking if it is in a dream that he received a revelation about his death or it is a prophesy to him by any of the religious leaders in his country or else where but he personally indicated that, he is smelling and feeling the scent of death scouting around his where ever he locates himself.

 It is by that his undeniable fact that he is trying to grind his thoughts on that very soon he would be leaving from the surface of the earth crust and if that happens sorrowfully, his ardent fans and family members should not be stricken by the sudden turn of events that would unfold unlikely when the day finally arrives.
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