Newly recruited Teachers have exhausted all means of survival - Avokbilla writes.

Newly recruited Teachers have exhausted all means of survival - Avokbilla writes.

It still beats my imagination the loud and perpetual silence of Ghana Education Service and their inability to generate staff IDs for the majority of newly recruited teachers after seven months of posting.
 Sadly, nobody seems to care about these orphans not even the Teacher Unions who're EAGERLY waiting to deduct dues which is their only interests.

The question is, how are these NEWLY RECRUITED TEACHERS surviving in this EXCRUCIATING economic hardships?

It will shock you to note that, only FEW newly recruited teachers received their salaries, the other few who have recently gone through the biometric registration process are only dreaming of receiving salaries next month .  

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the newly posted teachers have no fate at all, when their staff IDs will be generated talkless of biometric registration.

 To me, it is inhuman and barbaric to starve these innocent teachers for seven months. What crime have these teachers committed to deserve this ?

Recently, a colleague of mine has been asked to pack out from his room for failure to fullfil his promise made to the landlord. He had assured the landlord that, within three months, he was going to settle him only for his staff ID to delay unexpectedly.

I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the government particularly the minister of education to give attention to the frustrations of newly recruited teachers who can no longer afford the most basic of all necessities_ three square meals. 

Please, your teachers have exhausted all their means of *"SURVIVING*" and can no longer borrow money from any family, friend or whosoever. It is a common knowledge that, You can only request for another loan if only you are able to settle your outstanding debts.

Our relatives are tired of us and we have exhausted all chances of borrowing!  

Please, honorable minister, we know this is not beyond your ambit, wake up to our call and save your dying newly recruited teachers, for we can't bear any longer.

Thank you!

Ghana Education Service
Minister of Education.

Avokbilla Enoch.
(Former ATTRICONS Coordinator and
Newly Trained Teacher, mengnateng primary school.)
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