Right To Information(RTI) engaged with the people of Oti Region

Right To Information(RTI) engaged with the people of Oti Region

The people of the newly created Oti Region have been engaged by the Right to information commission
The RTI which was passed by parliament and assented to by the president of the republic of Ghana on 21st May,2019 guarantees the general public access to information from public institutions and relevant private bodies in order to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.

With this the Right To Information (RTI) is engaging with the people of Ghanaians to know how valuable this act is.
The Executive Secretary of the Commission, Yaw Sarpong Boateng Esq.was happy with the attendance. To the commission,the aim is get the public to appreciate their right to Information and utilize the right accordingly to the law. He said, engaging the people of Oti region is the best as the commission have taken the advantage of the heads of institutions who have been placed in the Regional level and their obligations is to use it under the act.

He believe that by education, Ghanaians will appreciate and use the act.

The Oti regional Minister Dr Joshua Makubu express his gratitude to the commission as said, democracy can not function well without an informed citizenry and is an honor to receive the RTI to engage the people of Oti Region so they can be inform about the act.
Dr Joshua Makubu said if information is given and part of it is extracted and you do not get the full information the one you are feeding with the information may act the way they must not act.

He charged the journalist to give out accurate information to the public so they are misinformed .

Mrs Elizabeth Asare,who is a board member of the Commission has asked the people of Oti Region to make use of the Right To Information because it is useful and Ghanaians have paid for it through by their tax.

She asked them to test the law because information is their rights and their right is information.
She added that,Ghana will be a better county if the RTI is put to it useful and Ghana's democracy will be established and move forward as a people.
Story by: King David, GBC Radio.

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