Brief History of the Krobo People of Ghana.

Brief History of the Krobo People of Ghana.

Krobo People can be found in Ghana and they are part of the Ga Adangbe ethnic group and also one of the seven Dangme ethnic group. 
Krobo beads which include beads necklace, beads waist dates far back to the 9th Century AD it originated from ille ife in the Western Nigeria where the Onni of Ife is located or residence at it is said they have used the beads and attached much important to beads, just like the ancient civilizations of Kemet Present Egypt and Mesopotamia the beads markers are known for their colorful powdered glass beads according to the beads markers it is made up of recycle glass.
it is proudceed in open sides, thatched roofed huts and used traditional labor intestive and they used larger mortar, pestle later first pounds the sheets and shards of the glass into a fine powder after sifting the powder to remove any chunks then less often add small amounts of ceramic powder to intesify the base color of the beads. 
According to Anthropologist Enock Azu, Reindorf, Huber, Field, Kropp Dakubu, Wilson and Odonkor they claimed the Krobos migrated from Present day Eastern Nigeria then crossed Sameh in Dahomey Present day Benin along with other proto Dangmes others said they migrated from ille ife Western Nigeria located where the Oyo Kingdom was founded and they traced to ille ife and to South west of a river called Ogun.
 Others claimed they might migrated around nigeria and crossed the savanah west ward through river volta and settled at tagologo plains within Accra plains later became known as Lolovor around the 14th Century.  
Under the leadership of Madza and Aklo Muase they settled at the mountain which they lived about more than 4,00 years ago and escaped from tribal wars between 14th- 16 th Century later in 1858 a rebellion was led against the government and in the earlier year the Manya Krobo were known as Eastern Krobo.
 Yilo Krobo were known as Western Krobo they have been administered as separated into 2 states which is Manya, Yilo followed by Ologo patu the dipo intiation ceremony plays a big role is quite similar to the Kabiye/Kabye People of Northern Togo initiation, young girls undergo dipo in their late teens because of modern pressure, some parents also put their daughters through Dipo the intiation ceremony used to last very long time there was no formal education and it served as vocational training for matured girls it depends it could even last up to several months or a years.
 Girls go through several process in form of curriculum for training they are taught how to tend a farm, collect fire woods for cooking they could have visitors at night they fetch water , doing dishes, washing their clothes to prevent personal hygiene and sent to the river side, pounding fufu are taught and how to severe food to their husband to be extended family when married. 
Beads are worn and waist beads as they undergo puberty rites as every ethnic groups in Africa carved masks the krobos do carved masks but not well known for mask their mask is made up of wood which is hand made along with a woman sculpture.
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