Nana Badu Bonsu ll A King of Ahantaman

Nana Badu Bonsu ll A King of Ahantaman

Nana Badu Bonsu ll A King of Ahantaman from Present day Ghana who ruled and rebelled aganist the Dutch.
Nana Badu Bonsu ll hail from Busua, Western Region of Ghana, he belongs to the Ahanta ethnic group which is an Akan ethnic group in Ghana, he was a leader who rebelled the Dutch and killed Dutch Governors including Governor Hendrik Tonneboeijier a Dutch Colonial Officer, the Dutch government used the treaty of Butre, It is a treaty between Netherlands and Ahanta on 27th August, 1656, the treaty regulated the jurisdiction of Netherlands and Dutch West India Company over the town of Butre and the surrounding country of Upper Ahanta creating a Dutch protectorate over the area, It is said the treaty lasted until the Dutch departure from Gold Coast in 1872 and as the basis for military action against Nana Bonsu ll an expeditionary force was sent to Ahantaland for war but It is believed Nana Badu Bosu was captured by the Dutch, he was described as Intelligent and brave man he never gave up and he was lynched because he was one of the African King and warrior who refused to participate in Slavery, he resisted from the European Invasions, so every time, Europeans called him a devil they first arrived in Gold Coast Present day Ghana, they justify such things then possessed 32 out of 80 forts castle Including fort medal cross at some point Nana Bonsu was very annoyed so he fought the Dutch and the government. 
Nana Badu Bonsu ll killed the Dutch emissaries Including the acting governor with his weapon, Dutch People knew how strong the Ahanta were so they sent forces to fight in a war with Ahanta, military captured him and was sentenced for murder as he was hanged and beheaded, following the execution, head chop off or cut off sent to Netherlands which is a baricbaric in Netherland it disappeared for almost 170 years ago and its remin were found in 2005.

Ahantas provoke or dared them to return back the head of their King back to Ghana, finally Dutch were afraid and brought it back to Ghana in 2009. Before they returned it they first made an announcement about it.

The Portuguese discovered Ghana had natural wealth in the 15th Century then Europeans fought their way to acess the metals, Ivory, Slaves, Dutch who arrived after Portuguese were eventually bought out out by the British. Others said He was beheaded by Dutch Colonialist In revenge in 1703 and had since been kept at Leiden Museum .

 According to Godfried he urgued that the Dutch should pay for the mausoleum and establishment of a schloarship program for the people of the region at a minimum.

Its time to look ahead and it bend things to advantage, According to Joy he was originally known as Baidoo Bonsoe and he is also referred as Baidoe Bonsu ll or Nana Badu Bonsu he conquered all the way to the coast near Koromantse and earned the name “Bonsu”, his head was first discovered in a jar of formaldehyde gathering dust In 2008, It was stored part of the anatomical collection, Dutch were embarrassed by Its discovery then their government agreed to Ghana’s demand that the relic will be returned, the head was taken by Gen. Jan Verveer in 1838 in a retaliation for Bonsu’s Killing of two arming Dutch the head was separated from the body.

 In July 2009 Ahantas went to Netherlands to pour libations before the head was returned by the Dutch and the descendants of the Late Nana Badu Bonsu were angry about this evil act his great grand child said he is very angry when they returned the head of his great grandfather.
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