Nigeria's Gospel sensation Mercy Chinwo set to marry at last.

Nigeria's Gospel sensation Mercy Chinwo set to marry at last.

 The followers of gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, are beaming with smiles as their songstress announced her readiness to getting married to her long standing fiance of the Water Brooks Church in Nigeria.
 Mercy Chinwo, disclosed that, she is going to tie the knot with Pastor Blessed of Water Brooks Church, who has been in a courtship with her for a while now and finally, both have indicated joyously, to living harmoniously as the two loving birds till death does separate them when they tie the knot in the coming days colourfully to the amazement of their fans in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Pastor Blessed of Water Brooks Church, taking Mercy Chinwo to the aisle, is not surprising to many as they learnt of their secret relationship long ago which has led to their ultimate happiness at the cross section before agreeing with each other on purposes of marrying as their biggest announcement pointed it out that, according to the two loving companions, they feel and appreciate the love of each other in their bone marrows for the joy and glory of God as they fasted and prayed tirelessly waiting patiently, for the tantalising day to come in their dear lives for them to tell the whole world what they are planning for to take place in their lifetime. 

The fans of the gospel idol, indicated their unflinching endorsement of the announcement made by Mercy Chinwo that, she is fully charged to breaking her forbidden fruit as she committed and devoted her whole life serving and worshipping the giver of her priceless life because He is the only one she acknowledges and recognises as Chineke and Osanubua, the Alagbada Inaa.

 Though countless of her ardent lovers stated that they were highly elated to have learnt of her public disclosure about the pending wedding with the love of her life, others queried if she is still a virgin because of how deeply she is craving and yearning for the things of God. Mercy Chinwo is worldly noted and acclaimed as Holy Spirit filled worshipper who does not take the work of God lightly and thus, worships Him wholeheartedly and by that premise, shuns and chastises the work of darkness manifested by the filthy undertakings of the master theft and riffraff criminal champion, murderer and destroyer stated in John 10:10 who tried every means possible to break down her romantic relationship with Pastor Blessed but the Sovereign Transcendent of the Almighty Supreme God, does not forsake them in the cause of their love journey and that is the main reason why she signs for God as if she is an escaped mental embecile who completely becomes deranged due to some mysterious spiritual afflictions unleashed on their five senses by a certain sort of an ancient deity. 

Because of her deep rooted love for God, people are gossipping about her behind the scenes asking if she has broken her virginity or yet still, remains undefiled. People should be aware that, remaining chaste for God, does not happen in an isolation but denying your entire flesh to doing the things of God whilst refuting and sidelining the irreligious activities of the world. 

To remain chaste as an individual adult, it is a spiritual battle between your spirit and the flesh; one must dominate the other. Being religious and chaste at the same time, means, you are able to tame your sexual desires and every lustful thoughts completely but, if your flesh controls your mind, you will become immoral, sensual, irreligious, unholy and lustful but in the case of Mercy Chinwo, nothing of that sort, portrays her personality, attributing any to her moral lifestyle.
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