Rent Control neglected for so long – PRO

Rent Control neglected for so long – PRO

The Rent Control Department has blamed its inability to deal with recalcitrant landlords on inadequate logistics.

In a conversation with Doreen Avio on Prime Morning on Thursday, Head of Public Affairs, Emmanuel Kporsu, said the Department has been neglected for a very long time.

He indicated that the Department lacks very basic equipment such as computers and vehicles to be able to effectively perform their responsibilities as stipulated in the Rent Act 1963 (ACT 220).

There have been several complaints from tenants regarding the fact that property owners arbitrarily set rent charges without the approval of the Rent Control Department.

Also, some go to the extent of threatening to evict their tenants who fail to heed their demands.

Mr. Kporsu revealed that the Department reviews rent charges every two years after it has conducted an assessment.

According to him, property owners violate the law by increasing charges not approved by the Rent Control Department.

He added that the change in prices of building materials is also taken into account in fixing rent charges.

On landlords demanding rent advances, the Head of Public Affairs said it is illegal for property owners to demand rates beyond 6 months.

The Tenants Union of Ghana has threatened to demonstrate against the inability of the Rent Control Department to bring defiant property owners to order and to bring some sanity into the real estate industry.
But Mr. Kporsu entreated the Union to also protest rebellious landlords in the country.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General for the Tenants Union of Ghana, Fredrick Opoku, has indicated the readiness of its members to hit the streets by the end of 2022 to press home their demands.
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