Togbe Afede unfolds plans to capture Anlo?.

Togbe Afede unfolds plans to capture Anlo?.

The political sovereignty of Anlo nation state is under threat as the Agbogbomefia of Asogli, Togbe Afede XIV, set into motion plans to capture the political authority of Anlo.
On the 9th day of June, 2022, Togbe Afede XIV, the traditional leader of Asogli, a sister nation state to Anlo, who is also the founder of Africa World Airlines, and Sunon-Asogli Power Ltd issued a cheque of Three Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh¢300,000.00) to the 3 Southern Volta Constituencies, affected by the sea erosion earlier this year.
The beneficiaries were the National Democratic Congress (N.D.C) Members of Parliament (M.P) for the Ketu South Constituency, Keta Constituency and Anlo Constituency, represented by Hon. Dzifa Gomashie, Hon. Dzidzorli Gakpe and Hon. Kwame Sepe, respectively.

Each of the listed, MPs received an amount of One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 100,000.00).
The said money was meant to help the MPs to alleviate the sufferings of the vulnerable people who were displaced by the perennial tidal waves in the coastal communities of the Volta Region.
According to highly placed sources, the MPs misapplied the money, to bribe the branch members of their respective constituencies to electing their ‘planted’ candidates at the branch elections of the N.D.C.

It however turned out that Togbe Afede is not interested in demanding accountability from the MPs.
“In the particular case of Anlo, Hon. Kwame Sepe, informed the world that he has committed the said money to an electrification project, to extend electricity lines from Atiteti to Fuveme.

This project is an already existing Rural Electrification Project, under the newly created Anloga District, so just a about 1/3 of Afede’s money was used to pay the contractor, which the MP expects to get a refund from the Assembly” said our informant who pleaded anonymity.
“The MP is using the Afede’s money, which he managed to cash from the Assembly’s account, using fake purchase receipts, to finance his favourites, to win the ongoing branch elections and constituency elections slated for September this year” he added.

It has been revealed that, with this plan of financing the politics in Anlo through schemes under the office of the current Member of Parliament for Anlo, Hon. Kwame Sepe. Togbe Afede XIV, will capture and control the Anlo Nation State from his palace in Asogli.

It’s obvious that Togbe Afede XIV is on a mission to take the political front of Anlo from His Eminence Francis Albert Nyonyo Agboada, a known financier of the current Anlo Constituency Executives of the NDC and the MP. Togbe Afede is on a collision course as he prepares to visit Anlo at the end of month, August, to see to the manifestation of his plan, our source disclosed.

It is interesting to note, however that, Togbe Afede is not interest in the audit of the previous monies given to the three MPs, instead, he is allegedly preparing to give, yet, an unspecified colossal amount of money to support the political campaigns of Hon. Kwame Sepe, in the bid for Asogli, to control Anlo.
There are numerous deplorable towns and villages in the Asogli State which needed the benevolence of Togbe Afede. Togbe's out of the blue compassion towards politicians in the southern part of the Volta Region instead of the traditional leaders who are on the same page with him, in recent times, is suspiciously ear-splitting.

It is an open secret that the Member of Council of State, His Eminence Francis Albert Nyonyo Agboada is a long-standing financier of the current Anlo Constituency Executives of the NDC but Torgbi Nyonyo is gradually losing the spot to Togbe Afede, who seems to be dominating the political front in the Anlo Constituency.
Togbe Afede is due to arrive in Anlo soon.
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