History of Afro- Palestinians of African Ancestry in Palestine , Western Asia .

History of Afro- Palestinians of African Ancestry in Palestine , Western Asia .

Afro- Palestinians are descendants of Africans who served as Military Soldiers, African Muslim Pilgrims and some claimed they are descendants of Enslaved Africans brought by the Arab Slave Traders from African Countries such as Present day Chad , Present day Nigeria ,Present day Sudan, Present day Senegal and some parts of East Africa . 
It is said Afro- Palestinians reside or they inhabited Gaza, Palestine and Jerusalem , It is believed Africans were already in Jerusalem dating back to as far as the 7th Century.

It is said Africans migrated from Senegal, Chad, Nigeria and some parts of East Africa to Palestine and the City of Jerusalem during the 2nd Caliph Umar Al- Khattab conquered the City of Jerusalem and Africans were said to have migrated from Sudan , Chad , Nigeria , Sudan and some parts of East Africa with a goal of entering the City of Jerusalem to perform the Muslim Pilgrimage known as Hajj .
The Holy guards of the Mosque has been around since the 13th Century and is marked by Mamluk era architecture , It is claimed by others that some who were Enslaved Africans brought to Palestine by Arabs were protectors of Al- Aqsa Mosque during the end of the Ottoman , the modern day compounds were made as a prison or ceil compounds for some Enslaved Africans sold by Arabs who rebelled against Ottoman authorities . After Ottoman era , there were buildings known as Al- Ribat al- Mansouri and Ribat Aladdin al- Bassir became part of the religious trust Waqf , proving their Integrity to their protectors of Al- Asqsa Mosque , It is believed Palestinian leader known as Sheikh Amin Al- Husseini had rented out the compounds for the Africans . 

The Africans who practice the Islamic faith were considered to be the people who migrated to Jerusalem prior to 1947 and found themselves in one of the areas in the region with no diplomatic , These Africans had no other choice but to make Palestine their final settlements , leaving their families behind . Some Africans who already settled in Palestine stayed and fought alongside with the Arab Palestinians against the so called Jewish Palestinians , they like the City of Jerusalem and claimed it has deep ties to Islam , Africans had Intermarried with them and Identify themselves as Palestinians of African Ancestry and Afro- Palestinians live in two compounds near the Al- Aqsa Mosque .
According to The History of the Afro- Palestinians.

The Afro- Palestinians Community has survived in the tiny African quarter of Jerusalem and are fiercely proud of their Origins and newly forged Identity . Tucked away deep within the Muslim quarter of the Old City is one of the Jerusalem’s most distinctive sub-quarters, the Afro- Palestinians quarter .

 Like heard of , Afro- Palestinians , like all the Other groups that make up the patchwork of people unique to this City , are both an Integral part of Jerusalem’s Palestinian Identity and a distinct and proud unit on their own . At present, some 450 People live in 2 compounds , both abutting one of the main entrances to the Aqsa Mosque .
 It is believed this no coincidence , Afro- Palestinians have a long history and strong ties with Islam’s 3rd site , ties that are said to be centuries old . It is believed Devout Africans who followed Islam faith came from Chad , Nigeria , Sudan and some parts of East Africa , migrated across the African Continent to perform the Muslim Pilgrimage of the Hajj first to Mecca, then to Al-Aqsa such Pilgrimages dates back to as early as 636 AD, after Omar Ibn Khatab took Jerusalem from the Byzantine Empire.
It is believed Some Africans arrived , fell at love and at peace with the City and decided to make Present day Palestine their new homeland and decided to stay there . It is believed it was not Until 1940s , however , Africans who made a trip with Intention of returning back to Africa were forced to take on a more permanent residence in their so called holy city . 
It is said the African Muslims made their long trip to Jerusalem prior to 1947 and they had picked one of the most tumultuous times in the region’s history , In 1948, There was a War between Arabs and Zionists forces broke out , and culminated in the creation of the State of Present day Israel . Many of the African Muslims found themselves making more permanent arrangements . It is believed the borders had been hermetically sealed the Africans , Citizens of Countries with no diplomatic ties to the newly founded State , were unable to return to their homelands and the families they had left behind .
Some Africans chose to settle in Palestine , even fighting alongside with Arab Palestinians in defence of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa . The Patriarch of the Qous Family , Mohammed Mousa Qous who passed away in 1983 , Mohammed Qous had 3 children and a wife in Chad , after settling in Jerusalem , he married again to a Palestinians and aso gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls .

 It is said the Islamic Waqf , the Caretaker of the Muslim holy sites and grounds , allowed the pious African Muslims , due to their loyalty for their Islamic faith and to Al-Aqsa to stay in the 2 quarters , formerly used as prisons during the Ottoman Empire . Africans finally made Palestine their home , this modern day , the quarters Ribat Alaaed-Din and Ribat Mansouri are a unique blend of the archaic and the houses are small , directly adjacent to one another with narrow pathways in between . 

The Stones of many homes , built between 1267 and 1382 , are massive , good Insulation during Cold winter nights and perfect for keeping Cool during the hot weather in Palestine . On the low rooftops are the modern trappings of today’s world . Huge Satellite are balanced precariously and telephone and electricity lines crisscross between the buildings .
 It is said Afro- Palestinians have also been part of the resistance in Palestine and have suffered under the harsh Israel Occupation . While the African Pride is still alive and stories about their forefathers are vividly recounted . It is said the Original Africans have all passed away and the community naturally Intermarried with the rest of the Palestinians , most of them have never gone back to Africa but still hold on to their traditions , languages and food .
It is believed The Community of the African and Palestine had emerged as new Identity , Africans wear Clothes and turbans when the ancient stones of the Old City of Jerusalem , Others believed both Present day Israel and Palestine were part of Africa before the Invasion of the Middle East by the Arabs . 
According to Joharah Baker’s account on Afro- Palestine , Zuhra Al- Qadi who is 75 now , She has been a widow for over a decade . Her late husband was known as Mohammed Al- Qadi who came to Palestine from his home country known as Chad in his mid 40s after making the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and he had planned to pray at Al- Aqsa for his settlement , Zuhra Al- Qadi is of Nigerian and Sudanese Ancestry, her father hail from Sudan and her mother hail from Nigeria .
 Every Friday , the men would slaughter a sheep then pointing to a small courtyard outside the home under a large Old Mulberry tree and they would make Semolina Porridge and a mixture of dried Okra and Molokhiya a green leafy Vegetable and serve people from all over the City . 

It is said Afro- Palestinians in this section of Jerusalem , also known African Quarter , Black People ( Africans) have lived in Palestine , Gazza and Jerusalem for centuries , African Presence in Palestine dates back to the Islamic Conquests when Caliph Omar Ibn Al- Khattab conquered Jerusalem in 634 AD .
 There were buildings 900 year old structures which became known as The Blood Prison a Century ago , when the Ottoman Empire converted them into prison for killing and executing the condemned . The Africans who are in Palestine are served to be descendants of African Soldiers who served in Palestine , Some were descendants of Africans brought by Arabs , Military Soldiers and African Muslim Pilgrims from Present day Nigeria , Present day Chad , Present day Sudan and some came from East Africa, Africans came to Jerusalem and Palestine then settled there meanwhile , as the Israeli Public Shifts ever rightward in its Anti- Palestinian and Xenophobic attitudes , People of African descent have borne the brunt of Anti- Immigrant Violence . 
This has Included the lynching of African Immigrants and Refugees , and even attacks on Jews of African Ancestry by Police , Causing Ethiopian Jews to hold their black lives Matter protest . According to Yasser Qous of Chadian Ancestry , Yasser Qous is the leader of the African Community in Palestine he quoted “ Afro- Palestinian Jerusalemites are regarded as evil or bad group by Police , and many have served time in Prison , what can we do , my brother was arrested more than 90 times when they release him they arrest him again , Afro- Palestinians face racism and Israeli Police are responsible for racism ‘’.
They are African descendants in India , Bangladesh , Syria , Indonesia , Pakistan , Iraq, Iran , Oman , Bahrain , Turkey , Afghanistan and other parts of Asia . According to Nasser Shiyoukhi of the Associated Press’s account , The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City lies the African Quarter a little home and Community of nearly 50 Arabs and Africans , Afro- Palestinians reside in various Palestine cities such as Gazza, the west bank of Jericho and a large Community in Jerusalem . It is said some are descendants of Africans brought by Arabs , African Muslim Pilgrims , African Soldiers who settled in Present day Palestine during Ottoman Empire era, their African Forefathers of Jerusalem’s African quarter are mostly Muslim Pilgrims from Present day Chad , Sudan , Nigeria , Senegal and some parts of East Africa who had settled there or It is claimed they got stuck during the period of War . Others considered themselves as Salamat by tribe , Original Nubians from Aswan , Southern part of Egypt , Some still have their Ancestors documents , like Ibrahim Firawi whose Ancestor or grandfather hail from Darfur Western region of Sudan
 . It is believed most of Jerusalem’s Afro- Palestinian live in Old buildings that were Originally built in the 10th Century , later made into prisons by the Ottomans, the buildings were handed over to the Old City’s Islamic trusteeship during British Mandate , which It was rented them to the members of the African Community because of many served as guards or servants at the Al- Aqsa Mosque .
It is believed the Africans who came to Jerusalem were Initially scattered across the City but were in the early 1930s concentrated in 2 buildings facing each other , a few meters away from one of the main gates to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the gate is known as Bab Al- Nazir or Bab Al- Majlis . A building was also built in the 13th Century and is characterized by Its Mamluk era architecture. 
It primarily served as a resting place for Pilgrims. During the final years of Ottoman rule , the buildings were turned into prison compound where rebels against the Ottomans were held , Including African dissidents . Following the end of Ottoman rule , the buildings referred to as Al- Ribat Alaadin, Al- Mansouri or Al- Kurdi and Al- Bassir became part of the Islamic Waqf . Africans have preserve their ancestral traditions , Africans in Jerusalem have largely Integrated with Other Palestinians and were woven into the Palestinian Jerusalemite fabric and Africans easily Interact in Arabic .
The African Indian Ocean World Historical account on Afro-Palestinians .

According to the African Indian Ocean World, One of the early figures of African descent represented in the area of Palestine is the black maidservant assisting the biblical figure Judith, a Jewish rebel who was believed to had charm her way into the quarters of a Commander of a conquering Army and According to some myths , Judith had cut off the head while Judith passed out from drinking . The Image of a black woman assisting the rebel Jew , a Story based on the Pocryphal book of Judith , appears in European renaissance art and suggests a long presence of Africans in the region .

 It is believed Africans who came from Present day Palestine and settled there Including African Muslims . Africans Occupied the place and worked as guards of the holy sites , these buildings were turned Into prisons until 1914-1948 which they had returned to Africa . According to other account , It is believed during the Ottoman period , East Africans and Some Afro- Palestinians shared ancestry also with Igbo , Yoruba , Luo and other ethnic groups in Africa . 
East Africans specifically , Nubians ( Sundanese) were also taken to Present day Palestine during the Arab Slave Trade . It is claimed Africans also came from Niger and arrived during the British Mandate between 1917 and 1948 , Some Africans had defended the Muslim holy sites and formed their own settlements in the area comprising Palestine and Israel . 

Many African descendants have assimilated into Palestinians Cultures and Intermarried with the Arabs futhermore , both Ethiopian Jews and Christians migrated to Present day Israel and they claimed they belong to the tribe of Gad, Levi and Judah . It is believed after the defeat of Bar Kokhba from 132 -135 CE the Roman Emperor known as Hadrain was determined to wipe out the Identity of Israel which it is claimed Israel was part of Africa , Judah or Judea , and remained It Palaestina until that period the area known as Province of Judea . Some also believed the Original People in the Middle East were considered as African and Black People about 20,000 -30,000 years old . According to Deedah Ruhamah’s account , It is believed Palestinians are Bedouin nomadic People , period . 

The Jews were considered cast out by Romans and the land Palestine was re-named but not in full 1800 years . Yasser Sawalha claimed Israel , Palestine , Jordan are much older than these so called Arabs and Abraham with the blacks was claimed to have moved from Palestine from the South , Iraq 1000 -4000 years ago . The Black Aborigines of Canaan( Palestine) were moved to the lower parts of Africa and The Middle East Creation, around 70AD, Romans conquered what is now Present day Israel and It is claimed Africans there had moved into West Africa according some claims and It is stated by two unknown Professors that all the history of Palestine were said to have came from the Zionists and the real Canaanites were dark skin and Europeans had Influenced the Turkish food , language , surnames this Zionists were described as White Zionists and White Palestinians .
Yisrael Ben Yehudah History narration about Afro- Palestinians .

According to Yisrael Ben Yehudah’s account , Afro- Palestinians are considered as the Real Jews who had migrated to West Africa then sold into Slavery by Europeans , Others claimed the land of the Canaanites the people were originally Africans and Canaan is what is now Present day Palestine , It is said there is no such thing as Palestinians that was made up by Arabs that came as Conquerors in the 7th Century and It is claimed some of those blacks were referred as “Abreed’’ or “Aswad” and the Convert Jews had came from Judea , Judea was established since the reign of David and Muhammad only in 600 years.

Ali Jiddah an Afro- Palestinian Activist .
Ali Jiddah was born in the Old City of Jerusalem in the African quarter on 13th January, 1950 his father hail from Chad while his mother hail from Nigeria . His maternal grandfather arrived in Jerusalem with the army in 1917 and Ali’s grandfather was a guard in Nur Shams prisons in Tulkarem . Ali Jiddah once worked as Journalist and he also worked in Egged Public Transportation Company , Ali Jiddah lives in Habs Al- Ribat side of the African Quater is located near Al Nazir gate of the Aqsa yards, Ali Jiddah is the 5th Child of 5 boys and he was married to a Palestinian woman from Akka and they had 2 boys and 3 girls .
Ali Jiddah’s cousin is known as Mahmoud Jiddah , Ali was arrested on 5th August , 1968 and they were accused of being members of the Palestinian front for Liberation of Palesting and It is believed there were planting bombs in several locations in Jerusalem . Ali was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in resisting the Israel forces and Jiddah was freed from Israeli prison in a prisoners exchange deal,named by Palestinians , the Galiee Operation between the State of Israeli and Palestinian Front for liberating Palestine General Command . 

Ali Jiddah educated himself while in Prison , he read books and his favourite book is known as Maxim Groky . Ali Jiddah developed his skills in French and English and he studied in Primary and Secondary education , Ali also learn Hebrew and Arabic futhermore , he completed the School of Tawjihi in 1972 . Ali Jiddah published a book in Arabic and he is widely respected by the Palestinian Community in Jerusalem.
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