Moderator of Presbyterian Church, Ghana calls for Youth Led reforms.

Moderator of Presbyterian Church, Ghana calls for Youth Led reforms.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. J. O. Y. Mante has called on Presbyterian Youth and Students to respond to the call for social transformation and lead the way to change. 
He made this call when he delivered the keynote address to participants at the quinquennial Assembly on Saturday, 1st October 2022.
The focus of his address was fourfold:

a. Where we are as a church
b. Spiritual devotion through our Lord Jesus Christ
c. Presbyterian Young Missionary Movement, and
d. Aggressive entrepreneurship
1. Where we are as a Church
The Moderator spoke on some of the 4 thematic areas of the church’s witness; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Environmental.
a. Spiritual Witness
He remarked that our spirituality is based on our connection to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. With this in mind, he added that the purpose for our meetings as church people must be spiritual connectedness through our Lord Jesus Christ, to God. He further posited that, with the emphasis of our meetings being spirituality, this must come by the word of God, prayer and singing and worship. He concluded that, as a group, activities that reconnect us to God must take about 70% of the time spent in our meetings.
b. Social Witness
The moderator touched on the church’s social witnessing programs; over 2000 schools, 35 Senior High Schools, 5 Colleges of Education and 2 Universities. He added that the PCG is the 3rd largest provider of healthcare services in Ghana, only behind the government of Ghana and the Roman Catholic Church.
Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante shifted his focus to the importance of Vision 1.5 and the 50:50 Financial Contribution System to church growth. He went on to speak on projects embarked on through proceeds garnered from the 50:50 project: 265 pavilions built, support to presbyteries and ministers in deprived areas. He stated that, within the last three years, the number of infrastructures set up in the PCG is far more than all of the infrastructure built 15 years before.
2. Spiritual devotion through our Lord Jesus Christ
The moderator of the General Assembly of the PCG stated categorically, that he is convinced intellectually that the way of Jesus is the way of God for humanity. He concluded that participants must ensure that their spirituality is Christ-centered.
3. Presbyterian Young Missionary Movement (PYMM)
Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante stated that the PYMM, with the principle of reviving the old missionary movement among the youth, is being piloted in some presbyteries. The department of mission and evangelism is also ready to give training and formal recognition to these young people willing to serve as missionaries for a period. These will include national service personnel and professionals serving either at home or abroad.
The moderator ended by stating that the goal of PYMM is to turn the hearts and minds of many to the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, and to His ways and values within their own context and culture. Participants were tasked to patronize this project by contacting the Director of Social Services.
4. Aggressive entrepreneurship
Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante stated that God is interested in people who use their talents, and the Presbyterian youth must therefore come together and be innovative.
In conclusion, the moderator stated that a young Christian man/woman is an excellent person because his/her hero is Jesus Christ. He, therefore, called on participants to be excellent in all our endeavours.
1. The Moderator proposed that the stakeholders should consider holding PREYSA triennially.

2. He also recommended a book to participants to help in our spirituality. The book is titled “Spiritual Leadership” and the author is “J Oswald Sanders.”
He called on the participants of this year's PREYSA to be up to the task in transforming not only society, but the Church they find themselves in. 

The 7th Edition of the Presbyterian Youth and Students' Assembly was held at the PCC, Gomoah Fetteh, Central Presbytery from 29th September to 2nd October 2022 with over 1,600 participants. Other sessions include talk on "The Presbyterian Heritage: History, Doctrines and Values" by Rev. Dr. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye. Rev. Gideon B. Puplampu addressed the issue of "Betting and Gambling and it repercussions on the Youth" and Rev. Commodore Paul Adjei-Djan spoke on "How to combat terrorism."
Rev. Prof. Ivy Drafor Amenyah led the morning reflections focusing on the Christian Youth as an agent of transformation.

There were also panels discussions on LGBTQI+ and Career Guidance with panelists such Rev. Dr. Cynthia Boamah, Dr. Abigail Opuni-Frimpong, Mary Teiko Sabah (Esq.), Mr. Evans Asare, Mr. Emmanuel Acheaw, among other. 

The National CLAN Director, Rev. Joshua Bossman Ohene preached during the Thanksgiving Service and closed the Assembly.
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